COVID-19 training and events

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June 2021 – Mandatory Training Update and reassurance regarding pay step pay progression (non-medical staff)

A reminder for all staff that the majority of mandatory training is undertaken through e-learning accessible by DOT where you can also view your training records and your compliance status. Fire training transferred to an e-learning course during the pandemic and remains so pending a review of the Trust’s fire training needs.

For clinical staff the following remains face to face delivery:

Course Frequency Staff Group Annual e-learning module
Moving and handling Alternate years All clinical staff except medical staff Must be completed
Basic Life Support (BLS) Alternate years All staff including medical staff Must be completed
Intensive Life Support (ILS)

Paediatric Intensive Life Support (PILS)

Annual Clinical staff

Delays in completing face to face mandatory training

BLS and Moving & Handling face to face training was paused during the pandemic; these recommenced on 17th May 2021.
Booking have re-opened for 2021 and more will be realised for 2022 shortly. There are challenges due to room sizes and social distancing which has resulted in fewer numbers of places. This will result in delays for staff to complete face to face BLS and Moving & Handling, however the training teams are looking at how they may be able to add additional provision in due course.
Line managers are aware that staff will experience delays completing the face to face training and that DOT profiles will show non-compliance. We will aim to work through the backlog during 2021 and 2022. It is important that annual e-learning is undertaken and ask that if a member of staff has any concerns regarding their competency in any of these skills and knowledge to raise with their line manager or directly with the Moving & Handling and Resuscitation Team to see if earlier admission to a course can be facilitated. Managers can also contact the team for any requests for specific teams.
We also want to reassure all staff that there is NO impact on pay step progression (where this is due) relating to non-compliance with mandatory training that occurred during 2020-21 and throughout 2021-22.


January 2021 – Suspension of face-to-face training: mandatory refresher and non-mandatory training

As a result of the rapidly deteriorating position due to the pandemic, it has been decided to suspend the majority of Trust-based face-to-face mandatory and non-mandatory training for all staff groups with immediate effect and until further notice. Exceptions will be as follows:

• Undergraduate medical, nursing and AHP training.
• Training essential to maintaining our response to the pandemic.
• Immediate life support, paediatric immediate life support and neonatal life support. Trainers will limit attendance to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Where it is possible for staff to complete e-learning that is due/out-of-date for moving and handling, fire or basic life support, we encourage managers to enable and encourage staff to do so. If managers or employees have any concerns regarding competence in these subjects please contact the moving and handling or resuscitation teams directly.

Note that e-learning for all mandatory and essential for role subjects can be accessed any time, from any device so those staff that can undertake e-learning are encouraged to do so via DOT.

Cancelled/postponed training

We will, in due course, provide a pragmatic solution to the provision of delayed training. This may be putting on additional programmes and, where possible, we will aim to accommodate those already booked on where training has been postponed.

We also recommend that you view your mandatory and essential for role e-learning training on DOT. Even if you are currently in date you could undertake refreshers sooner as this will extend your next due date accordingly.

Leadership training

There are a number of eLearning courses available to choose from on DOT, CUH’s online learning management system. The Edward Jenner Programme is a free online leadership development programme for aspiring and new leaders and managers from the NHS Leadership Academy. There are also leadership and other courses available online from eLearning for Healthcare and FutureLearn.

The Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) have introduced free learn at lunch daily webinars on the topic of ‘Inspiring great leadership’. See availability and range of topics here.


We have a number of qualified coaches across the Trust who can offer private confidential space as a way of giving people quality time in the moment to think and having a conversation with someone that is safe and supportive during challenging times.
Please contact or register via Connect.

e-Learning for Healthcare – COVID-19 programme
Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare has created an e-learning programme in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic that is free to access, without logging in.

For more information about the programme visit

For those shielding or self-isolating at home: a Practice Supervisor online training opportunity

All health care professionals including nurses, midwives, allied health care professionals and medical staff who are shielding at home (i.e. those who can’t be at work for 12 weeks), or who are self-isolating and are well, can undertake practice supervisor training on DOT at home to become practice supervisors for all Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) students on their return.

This is an opportunity to support our nursing and midwifery students, to undertake 7.5 – 15 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and to share your professional knowledge and experience with our future NHS workforce.

COVID-19 Classroom Training Guidelines

CUH is closely monitoring the latest guidance from the Government and health and safety executive to ensure that we can safely return to the delivery of some of our mandatory/essential for role training in a way to ensure we are following standard hygiene and safe distancing practices.

Please follow these guidelines – taking care of our staff is important to us.