We launched CUH reflects in May to gather feedback from our staff on the experience of working at CUH during a pandemic, and to ensure we learned and took action to improve on this experience.

There were three aspects to the programme: the staff survey, seven open-ended questions and conversations led by our improvement team with some of our clinical teams.

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in this. We had 3,600 responses to the survey, 1,600 comments in response to the questions and 30 improvement conversations.

There are a number of common themes that have emerged from the feedback and these are summarised below. We are really keen to hear whether you think these accurately reflect the experience, and get your ideas on how we can address these themes together.

The first point to note is that everybody has had a very different experience of this in the workplace, not only based on which area they work in and the impact on their service, but also how this has impacted on their personal lives. The staff survey also shows a marked difference of experience amongst staff based on ethnicity, age, pay band and their division. We will be looking at those disparities closely.

An overview of the staff survey results is available here.

What matters most to our staff – five key themes
We have summarised the five key themes that came through the staff survey, questions and improvement conversations.
Do these accurately reflect your experience? Let us know via this short questionnaire.

1. Feeling safe and being protected – ensuring we have the right PPE and protocols in place, that our environment is covid secure, and we reduce footfall in the hospital where possible. Feeling that our health and wellbeing is a priority for the Trust.

2. Working in teams – multidisciplinary teams working together towards a common goal, strengthened relationships across the Trust and within teams and opportunities for wider collaboration.

3. Making our working lives easier – flexible working arrangements, being able to work from home with IT to support remote working, access to park on site for free, access to accommodation, hot food and drinks. A space to take a break, relax and recharge.

4. Recognition of our work and commitment – receiving thanks and appreciation from leadership, local management and the public made a huge difference alongside the donations and gifts and other small acts of kindness we received.

5. Clarity of purpose with clear communications and leadership – the whole CUH family coming together towards one single purpose. Clear and consistent communications from leadership and local management is extremely important, with local empowerment.

The next step is for us to identify how we can respond as a Trust to this feedback – what things we need to consider or put in place to ensure we keep those positives and improve on areas where we fell short. If you have ideas about what we might do please share those with us via this short questionnaire.

Other themes
We have summarised the most common themes that were mentioned during feedback above, but there were a number of others that came up and we want your ideas on this too.

  • Planning / preparation: “We didn’t feel as prepared for this as we should/could have been as a Trust and system. We want to understand the bronze/silver/gold command decision structure and we want consistency in how change is implemented.”
  • Staffing/rotas: “The pace at which changes were made to rotas and people were redeployed was unsettling and could have been handled better.”
  • Giving our best: “We feel proud when we find out what we’re capable of and show resilience during tough times to do the very best for patients.”
  • Bureaucracy: “Less bureaucracy please: we want to be helped to change faster and we like pace. We particularly see some face-to-face meetings as a waste of time.”

We want your ideas
Making improvements while holding on to and enhancing the positives that have come out of this will involve the whole CUH family – we want your ideas. What can we do, change or implement in order to make sure the legacy of Covid-19 at CUH is a positive one?
Gives us your thoughts via this short questionnaire.