Throughout the past few months, a staff deployment pool has been operating to deploy many non-clinical staff to other teams in the Trust to support the response to Covid-19.

Staff from a wide range of teams and departments have supported in administration roles, in support services, in ward support roles, as ‘runners’ and more. The Trust would like to express its enormous gratitude to all those staff who have, at short notice and in difficult times, thrown themselves into new roles with new teams which have often been very different to their usual roles. Thanks too to line managers who have released their staff to support others.

As we are now in the next phase of our response to Covid-19, we will be stepping down the Staff Pool deployment process. If you have a requirement for additional temporary staffing, please now make your request directly to the Staff Bank team rather than to the Staff Pool. Please note that any requests should be forwarded to: or by contacting the team on extension 596300 then selecting option 3. Individual bank workers must not be directly approached.

If you still have staff in your team who cannot work in their current roles because of a clinical risk assessment, please contact your Divisional Head of Workforce to discuss deployment options on these grounds. Any staff who are still currently deployed to a different team should remain in their deployed role until required back in their ‘home’ team by their line manager. Please contact to confirm return dates as applicable.