On 23 June 2020 the Government updated its guidance for people who are shielding due to the Covid-19 virus.

This included new guidance that from 01 August 2020 shielding employees who are not able to work from home can return to their workplace if deemed Covid secure. The Trust created a guidance pack for managers containing helpful information on the return to work process together with the necessary risk assessment questionnaire and other associated templates, which was circulated on 07 July.

Managers were asked to speak to any staff members they have who are shielding/in the red risk group, to update them on the revised Government guidance and to work through the return to work questionnaire and put in place actions that may be required to facilitate their safe return to work and/or workplace from 01 August 2020.

Staff members who are shielding/in the red risk group should not return to their respective workplaces at CUH until the risk assessment process has been completed and until suitable arrangements have been put in place to ensure their safe return.

Please raise any queries with divisional management, medical staffing, employee relations or occupational health (OH) teams. OH will happily assist both managers and staff members in addressing any occupational health issues which are identified from the risk assessment process.

The CUH family looks forward to warmly welcoming back colleagues, friends and staff members who were forced to shield because of Covid-19, if deemed Covid-19 safe and where they are not able to work from home.