You will be paid unsocial hours payments in accordance with the national terms and conditions, which specify an additional percentage, calculated on your basic level of pay, according to your pay band, time of day and day of the week.

The table below sets out the payments from 1 April 2020.

Pay band All time on Saturday (midnight to midnight) and any week day after 8pm and before 6am All time on Sundays and Public Holidays (midnight to midnight)
2 Time plus 41% Time plus 83%
3 Time plus 35% Time plus 69%
4-9 Time plus 30% Time plus 60%

Any shifts worked out of hours will automatically generate the correct unsocial hours payments when the roster is finalised at month end, as should already happen for all areas in order to process all AL and sick entries at month end.

If any rosters do not have shifts that can be assigned out of hours, due to new working requirements, please contact Roster Support with full details of the new out of hours shift requirements as follows:

  • Default start and end times of the shifts required
  • Whether they are mandatory, or just an optional duty that can be assigned if acuity/activity dictates.
  • Days of the week that they are required
  • Whether they are required for just a specific staff group or could they be assigned to anyone
  • How many are required each day (for each staff group if the numbers differ)