Annual leave – sell back scheme open

The window to apply to sell annual leave is Friday 07 January – 18 February 2022. Applications received after 18 February will not be able to be considered. Payment will be made in March’s pay run.

Carry over of annual leave is a further option available to staff and this will usually be for no more than five days.

For the annual leave year 2021/2022, a combination of carrying over leave into the next financial year and selling back annual leave for the current leave year can be used, however a maximum of no more than a total of 10 days will be carried over/sold back.

Please direct any queries to your divisional head of workforce or, for medical and dental staff, Lynsey Searle.

There are a number of conditions that will need to be met for the annual leave sale applications to be agreed:

  • The individual has been employed by CUH for more than 26 weeks
  • The manager has confirmed, by completion of the form that the individual has enough outstanding annual leave to be able to sell back their annual leave for year of 2021/2022
  • This request will not reduce the individual’s annual leave below 28 statutory days (including bank holidays)
  • The excel sheet and the word document must be fully completed and must be submitted to or for Medical and Dental staff to by Friday 18 February 2022.

For non-medical staff, the central e-rostering team will amend the employee’s annual leave record regarding the number of hours to be sold once the application process is completed, this also includes and information has been submitted to payroll. Any queries should be to your Divisional Head of Workforce or, for medical staff, Lynsey Searle.

Please see Connect for further details and to access the forms.