If you have received confirmation from Novosco that your request for BYOD access (Bring Your Own Device) has been approved, then please download the relevant guide for the personal device/s that you would like to use.

Follow the step-by-step instructions within the guide to complete the set-up of BYOD on your personal device/s.

If you have agreed home working with your manager and you require remote access to the Trust network and applications, please complete a BYOD request via the Trust’s IT Service Portal (Service Catalogue section) from Connect.

Please be aware:

Whilst it is possible to access Epic Hyperspace on devices with a screen size smaller than 14 inches, the Trust does not support this, including on iPads and smaller laptops. The only exceptions are the use of the approved Epic applications Haiku, Canto and Rover, which are specifically designed for smaller screens.

Enrolment guide