A reminder that all staff can access their Trust emails remotely via Outlook Web Access (OWA). To do this:

  • use the following website address on Trust or personal devices https://mail.addenbrookes.nhs.uk/,
  • enter your Trust computer username
  • enter your Trust computer password
  • this will take you to your Outlook screen where you can access your emails and calendar

Changes to remote accessing of Trust email (August to December 2020)

As part of the Trust’s IT Infrastructure Upgrade Programme with Novosco, we are currently in the process of migrating existing email mailboxes from the current Exchange 2010 server (which runs out of license support at the end of this year) to the newer Exchange 2016 server.

This is a largely seamless process that will not affect how you access Trust emails (addenbrookes.nhs.uk), the content of your mailboxes or the look of Outlook on Trust devices.

The Novosco and eHospital IT Project Team is in the process on emailing all staff to inform as to when Outlook mailboxes will be migrated to Exchange 2016 and key actions/expectations of this migrations – occurring between August and December 2020.

Accessing emails through Outlook on Trust devices:

  • Once your mailbox has been migrated to Exchange 2016, Outlook on Trust devices will remain exactly the same.
  • There will be no noticeable changes to the function or look/feel of Outlook on Trust devices.


Outlook Web Access (OWA) – https://mail.addenbrookes.nhs.uk

  • OWA will have a different look and layout if you access your emails through OWA once your mailbox has been migrated to Exchange 2016.
  • A user guide is available to download to support you with this change.

Accessing Trust emails on mobile devices

  • If you access Outlook/Exchange on mobile devices, either through your device’s native Mail/email apps (or through the Microsoft Outlook app) you may need to reconfigure your device/s once your mailbox has been migrated to Exchange 2016 to enable access to the new Exchange server.
  • A user guide is available to download showing you how to reconfigure your device/s and how to set-up Trust email on your device/s.

Full details and links to these guides will be included in the emails to all staff – please keep an eye out for these emails so that you know when your mailbox will be migrated to Exchange 2016.