The Trust is committed to ensuring all employees have an opportunity to participate in an annual appraisal and development review (ADR) conversation that builds upon regular 1:1/catch ups and support during the year.

The conversation will enable reflection and discussion about:

  • Health and Wellbeing: Individuals can reflect on their experience in the last year; to discuss with their line manager what support they need now and going forward, including as a result of Covid-19
  • Looking back over the past year: Line managers to check in with staff and gain insight about what might be needed in the short term and the year ahead
  • Thinking about what next for the year ahead: A discussion about priorities/objectives and access to continuous learning, education and training for personal development, job role and future career.

The appraisal cycle is open from 16 May 2022 until 31 October 2022.

An outline schedule for staff groups is provided below; this does not prevent divisions and corporate areas commencing appraisals throughout these periods to suit service needs.






** Medical appraisal to be undertaken in line with guidance issued by the Medical Directors Office. For information on the Medical Appraisal cycle: http://connect2/CUHFTAppraisals    

Appraisal form, guides and training for managers and staff

e-appraisal form – The e-appraisal form was piloted last year; we are keen that all staff are encouraged to use this form.  A word version appraisal form will also remain in place in 2022.  These will be available to access via DOT along with updated guides for staff and managers.

Appraisal training for managers: managers can access the CUH Appraisal training for managers via DOT.  Dates take place from May to September.

There is also new for this year ‘Development Opportunities at CUH’ webinars for both managers and staff which will raise awareness of development opportunities to support the appraisal PDP conversation.

For more information please contact Ceri Morgan –