Staff testing

All staff working onsite are able to access regular asymptomatic Covid-19 swab testing. The staff testing programme is a core pillar of the Trust’s strategy for keeping our staff safe and healthy.

As of Monday 18 January 2021 the process to request and collect packs is as follows:

CUH Staff Asymptomatic Screening Programme

1. Asymptomatic Kiosk (08:30 – 16:30 initially – hours to be reviewed)
Based in Food Court (Next to Upper Crust)
• Staff attend Kiosk.
• Provide Kiosk staff with MRN (if known), Name, Date of Birth, email, contact number
• Swab pack provided ( 4 x swabs) – two packs for staff requested to test twice weekly*

2. Email ordering process for ward delivery
(For staff working on Red areas or working weekends or nights only)
• Staff email their details including ward area and box number to
Email Subject heading: Red area – Ward ***
Email Subject heading: Weekend / Night worker – Ward *** / Dept
• Booking team will create swab pack and send via internal mail


• Ward managers/line managers for Red areas can create staff lists with their staff’s details included (name, date of birth, address, contact no, email)
• Send staff list to
• Booking team will create bulk swab packs and deliver the ward directly.

3. Email ordering for POD collection
For staff who would prefer to order their swab packs in advance and collect from the staff testing PODs 48 hours later (For staff who only work on site some of the time – this process may work better).

4. CUH Satellite Staff testing
There is a process in place for CUH staff working in satellite clinics to participate in the Asymptomatic screening process (see below).

Where do I return a used swab to?
Full instructions will be given at the time of registering and also included in the pack. Completed swabs should only be returned to the red asymptomatic swab bins at the exit of the staff testing pods (Outside S block).

Swabs can be returned at any time, as the bins are always accessible. However, if possible, please avoid doing so between Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime, as there is only one collection from the bins over the weekend, on Sunday morning.

Results from swabs returned at the weekend will be available Monday morning at the earliest.

From Monday 26April we will be using a different lab to process swabs. This will require a new type of patient information label to be attached to the swab tube. For the first swab you submit on or after 26 April, we ask that you first attend the kiosk in the Concourse with your existing swab pack if you have one, to swap your remaining labels for new ones and replenish your swabs.

Please do not submit swabs with the current labels from 26 April onwards.

To prepare for this change we will not be accepting swabs between 16:00 Friday 23 April and 08:00 Monday 26 April. If you would usually submit a swab on these days, please instead submit earlier in the same week (even if this means you would complete two swabs that week).

When I’ve done and return the first swab, then what do I do?
A week after you’ve done and returned the first swab, repeat the process. Take the next unused swab, swab yourself and return it as directed. Repeat twice more over the following two weeks. Once you’ve used all of your swabs please arrange for another pack in the same way you collected your first.

Frequency of testing

From Monday 26 April, the frequency of testing will reduce as follows:

  • Staff working on red wards or on specific wards with particularly vulnerable patients (C2, C9, C10, D9, E10, F5, G5, Haematology Day Unit and Oncology Day Unit) are asked to submit a swab once a week
  • All other staff are asked to submit a swab every two weeks.

The reduction in frequency is expected to continue over the next three months, at which point we will review the programme again.

In order to effectively manage the service whilst we establish this new rhythm, we are asking staff who are swabbing every two weeks to attend as follows as far as possible:

  • Week starting 26 April – surnames starting A-M
  • Week starting 03 May – surnames starting N-Z
  • Week starting 10 May – surnames starting A-M
  • Week starting 17 May – surnames starting N-Z

When and how will I receive my result(s)?
Each swab will be processed and the result available within 48hrs from dropping it off. Negative results will only be available via MyChart. Should you test positive, in addition to the result being on MyChart, Occupational Health will also contact you to advise you accordingly.

You need to sign-up to MyChart to participate
The majority of CUH staff are now signed up having had swabs or having participated in the antibody testing programme last year. If you haven’t yet needed to this is how to do it:

• Click on this MyChart Staff Activation Request link and complete the online form (this is only for CUH staff with a CUH login – it cannot be used for friends and family).

• In the email address field, please enter your private/personal email address (not a work or shared household email)

• Your form will then be processed by the MyChart team (eHospital) and a unique activation code (valid for seven days) will be emailed to the private/personal address that you provided on the form.

• Follow the instructions contained within this email to complete your MyChart registration using your unique activation code

• As soon as your swab result is available you will receive an email informing you that new information is available in your MyChart, prompting you to log-in to MyChart.

• If you are a patient of Addenbrooke’s or The Rosie, you will also have access to parts of your health record held in MyChart as the portal is directly integrated with our Epic electronic patient record system.