Launch of staff asymptomatic covid-19 screening programme (phase 2)

You will be aware that since April CUH has had an active asymptomatic screening programme in place for staff, alongside the symptomatic staff testing pathway. The staff testing team, supported by other departments, have been working hard to put in place phase 2 of the programme, which started on Monday 19 October.

All staff working onsite will be able to access regular asymptomatic swab testing. The staff testing programme is a core pillar of the Trust’s strategy for keeping our staff safe and healthy.

What do I need to do to be included?

• If you are not already registered on Epic and MyChart please email at least 24 hours in advance, with the following information:

Subject heading: EPIC Registration
a. Name
b. DOB
c. First line of address
d. Mobile number
e. Do you give consent for us to activate MyChart? (Y/N) ~ This is the process by which you will receive your results
f. Preferred email
Do you object to receiving your results via the preferred email address above?

• Attend the Deakin Centre (near car park 1) Monday to Friday between 07:30 and 16:30. No need to book, just drop-in.

• Go to the asymptomatic screening desk towards the back of the ground floor atrium space.

• In the pack will be four swabs – one a week for the following four weeks. Complete the first one at your convenience but ideally return it the next working day. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the previous 90 days, you should not participate in this programme.

Where do I return a used swab to?
Full instructions will be given at the time of registering and also included in the pack. Used swab should only be returned to the designated collection bin at the Staff Testing Pods (outside S block) Mon-Fri 8.30-16.00.

Dropping off swab samples at the weekend – you will be able to drop off your swab into the designated red bins next to the testing pod (adjacent to S block) over the weekend. Can we please ask, if possible, that you avoid returning swabs on Friday evening – Saturday lunchtime.

Results from swabs returned at the weekend will be available Monday morning at the earliest.

We are very grateful to the team for putting in place additional staff hours and processes to make this possible.

When I’ve done and return the first swab, then what do I do?
A week after you’ve done and returned the first swab, repeat the process. Take the next unused swab, swab yourself, return it as directed. Repeat twice more over the following two weeks. Once you’ve used all four swabs (four weeks from collecting your pack) please return to the Deakin Centre and collect another pack.

Frequency of testing

Please do not complete asymptomatic swab tests more frequently than every 7 days to ensure we have sufficient capacity in the system. There may be rare exceptions to this, as advised by occupational health.

When and how will I receive my result(s)?
Each swab will be processed and the result available within 48hrs from dropping it off. Negative results will only be available via MyChart. Should you test positive, in addition to the result being on MyChart, Occupational Health will also contact you to advise you accordingly.

You need to sign-up to MyChart to participate

The majority of CUH staff are now signed up having participated in the antibody testing programme earlier in the year. If you haven’t yet needed to this is how to do it:

  • Click on this MyChart Staff Activation Request link and complete the online form (this is only for CUH staff with a CUH login – it cannot be used for friends and family).
  • In the email address field, please enter your private/personal email address (not a work or shared household email)
  • Your form will then be processed by the MyChart team (eHospital) and a unique activation code (valid for seven days) will be emailed to the private/personal address that you provided on the form.
  • Follow the instructions contained within this email to complete your MyChart registration using your unique activation code
  • As soon as your swab result is available you will receive an email informing you that new information is available in your MyChart, prompting you to log-in to MyChart.
  • If you are a patient of Addenbrooke’s or The Rosie, you will also have access to parts of your health record held in MyChart as the portal is directly integrated with our Epic electronic patient record system.