Swap shop gives us a great opportunity to find new homes for things we do not need any more but are still quite serviceable – from desks to diaries and from microwaves to mirrors.

Please help us keep good things from ending up in the skip.

When it comes to a furniture item, please note that Facilities Helpdesk (x 216696) will only arrange for collection once you have made a concerted effort to find it a new home (a minimum of three weeks advertising). So please think ahead and post on Swap Shop as early as possible. After three weeks your post will be automatically unpublished, but you will be invited to renew, cancel or send a collection request.

Facilities Helpdesk will not arrange collection of unwanted stationery; however, we encourage you to use Swap Shop to find new owners.
Medical equipment cannot be listed on Swap Shop.

To dispose of unwanted medical equipment please contact Clinical Engineering on 216716 or clinical.engineering@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

When adding a new item we ask that you provide an HR room number. This number can be found in the door frame of your room.

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Under desk drawers
Address: HR-36-05-111
Wanted or offered:

One under desk drawers needed desperately

Contact name: Sharon Springdal
Department: Ophthalmology Recearch
Contact number: 596410
Address: hr 04 02 388
Wanted or offered:

ED are looking for a set of lockers for staff to put their belongings in.

Contact name: Honor Freeman
Department: Emergency Dept
Contact number: 274157
Restroom chairs
Address: HR36-1-08
Wanted or offered:

We have 20 restroom chairs wanting a new home

Contact name: Louise
Department: Sterile Services
Contact number: 01223 216886