Message from Patrick Maxwell, Regius Professor of Physic, University of Cambridge Research into COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to provide all CUH staff with an overview of the research effort that is now underway in Cambridge to generate a better scientific understanding of the Covid-19 outbreak and how we might find a way to control it successfully.

The effort to understand this coronavirus and its effect is international. As Europe’s life sciences capital with access to some of the best resources found anywhere in the world, Cambridge has a vital contribution to make to the global effort. In fact, we have a duty to mobilise our resources and focus them on the crisis in public health the world is currently facing.

This is what we are now doing as a University alongside our clinical colleagues at CUH, our other NHS partners in Cambridge University Health Partners, our industry partners on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the whole Cambridge life sciences ecosystem.

We have paused the vast majority of our experimental programs that are not related to Covid-19 and opened an array of new experiments and studies that we hope will provide deep insights into the virus and its impact. The extent of this means that every patient admitted to CUH for treatment who is diagnosed as Covid-19 positive will have the opportunity to enrol in research projects and clinical trials. This is testament to the huge efforts of many, many people in recent weeks and I am hugely proud of my colleagues across the research community who have made this happen.