To minimise the risk of infection, patient-facing staff should follow this guidance:

  • Do not travel to/from work in your uniform/work clothes.
  • Carry your uniform/work clothes in a clean cloth bag (or clean disposable plastic  bag)
  • Staff can change into their uniform on arrival at work in the following locations – http://connect2/article/1022/Cycling Click on ‘Changing rooms’ map on the right
  • Take work uniform/work clothes home in a cloth bag (or disposable bag).
  • Once home, wash your uniform/work clothes on their own and dispose of the bag.
  • Uniforms should be laundered daily


Scrubs should be worn in accordance with the Trust agreed PPE guidance.

The guidance on wearing scrubs around the hospital is as follows;

  • Staff working in red and amber areas (scenario 1 and 2) should not leave the clinical area while wearing scrubs – food and drinks will be delivered to these areas.
  • Staff working in green areas should not wear scrubs unless they are part of their usual uniform. Staff working in green areas can visit the staff sanctuary (Frank Lee) and other communal areas whilst wearing uniform/scrubs.
  • Scrubs should not be worn off site (commuting to/from work) in any circumstances.
  • All fluid resistant disposable surgical face masks should be changed on leaving the clinical area.
  • Hats and reusable respirators should not be worn outside of the clinical area.
  • Scrubs should be left at the Trust at the end of your shift so that they can be laundered and made available for others.

All scrubs are now being laundered on-site. This applies to ALL wearers of scrubs, even if previously you have used a different process.

Please could all divisions and wards bag used scrubs separately to all other linen in clear bags. Please place these filled clear bags in the roll cages which have been provided to all areas. The portering team will collect linen directly from these cages at intervals throughout the 24 hour period.

Clean scrubs will be returned via normal linen delivery.

The process for getting clean scrubs is here.