In light of a number of inpatients who have developed Covid-19, please note that we now require all patient-facing staff working in inpatient clinical areas to wear eye protection (i.e. goggles or visors) during every clinical interaction (less than 2 metres), to minimise the risk of cross-infection.

Please be aware that prescription spectacles alone do not provide adequate protection.

Staff working in outpatients should continue to risk assess the need for use of eye protection according to existing guidance.

Eye protection should be used on a sessional basis rather than for individual patients. It can be cleaned using a Clinell wipe after use, e.g. during breaks, with appropriate hand hygiene before and afterwards.

Ward-based nursing and HCSW staff should wear eye protection throughout their shift due to the multiple and more continuous patient interactions.

Visors should be labelled with your name and placed in an agreed area when not being used, e.g. hung from hooks or placed on a dressing trolley/flat, cleanable surface in the donning area.

Visors should be discarded in clinical waste bins:
• If visibly soiled
• When you finish a clinical shift or move to a new clinical area