You will need to wear a hood if you have failed all other FFP3 mask fittings. Or, the use of the hood is recommended by occupational health.

Before you start

Please ensure you have read the SOP RPE (Respiratory protective equipment)

Individual SOP for each hood can be found on Merlin. Please ensure training on the hoods is undertaken by a trainer and have this recorded MAPs. Please refer to the product information for reference until the SOPs are signed off.

Use of the EasiAir 2020 powered air purifying respirator (PAPR)

Pureflo, Tornado and Dräger  to be approved shortly.

Training videos

  • Pureflo Hood Video


  • Tornado


  • Dräger



Supporting documentation for the care of the Hoods

  1. EasiAir
  2. Pureflo
  3. Tornado
  4. Dräger
  5. VersaFlo Hood

Where are the Hoods in the trust?

You can find the register of hoods as of October 2021 here.

Any concerns?

If you have any concerns regarding your hood please escalate to your line manager and then the ‘owner and trainer’ of your hood in your area for further support.