Actions to take for NEW positive COVID-19 patients that were NOT diagnosed or suspected on admission;

1. Patient isolation – isolate immediately in available side room (decision to stay on the current ward or move to cohort ward will require risk assessment)
2. Arrange an amber clean of the patient’s bed space
3. Decision regarding bay closure – close bay only if there is evidence of transmission within the bay i.e. two or more patients in contact within a bay not suspected of COVID on admission develop COVID symptoms. Bay opening will be managed proactively by the ward manager in consultation with the Infection Control Team. In principle, contact patients who remain well and in hospital are cohorted in the ward/siderooms for the incubation period.
4. Patient contacts – keep documentation of contact patients for surveillance purposes. Ideally patients should not move ward or bay. If they move for operational reasons, they should not be moved to a ward with immunocompromised patients. Send a COVID test (nose and throat +/- sputum if productive cough) if symptoms compatible with COVID infection develop.
5. Staff contacts – staff who have been in contact with COVID patients while not wearing gloves and masks should continue to work. Advise if they develop symptoms at work or at home to self-isolate and follow the standard Trust process.
6. COVID screening or testing – test patients who show signs or symptoms of COVID infection. Do not screen or test staff members currently.
7. Transfer of patients or COVID contacts – COVID status must be included in any transfer documentation
8. Visitor contacts – Where possible visitor contacts to the bay should be informed that COVID was diagnosed in a patient on the ward when they visited their relative and they should be sign-posted to guidance on what to do if they develop symptoms
9. Communication – patient leaflets are in development.