Restricted visiting will be permitted on most wards at our Trust from Monday 6 July. Please advise patients and their families to follow our guidance below, as some areas do still have restrictions.

Non-Covid inpatient wards

Patients can arrange visits, by calling the ward where their loved one or friend is staying to find out which slots are available. One person should be identified as the designated visitor per patient, so that we minimise potential spread of the infection.

Patients in the non-Covid inpatient wards will be allowed a visit from their designated visitor per day for two hours.

We understand families often want to visit people as a group, but we can’t allow that under the present circumstances.

A carer will be classed as the visitor due to social distancing rules. Should a family member wish to visit, the carer may swap out of the clinical area in order to support the family visiting.

If someone is unable to arrange a visit, or feels uncomfortable about doing so, they can still use our Letters from Loved Ones service.

Families and friends are able to bring items to the hospital on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 8am and 7pm only. We are unable to accept food which perishes quickly, as there may be a delay of several hours before the items can be delivered.

Health screening on the telephone must occur prior to visiting as visitors will still not be permitted to visit the hospital if:

  • they have symptoms of coronavirus, or have been asked to isolate for 14 days due to exposure to someone else who has them
  • they are feeling unwell in any way
  • they have been sent guidance to ‘shield’ or are within a ‘high risk group’, or
  • they are under the age of 16. Children should not accompany adults to the site, unless it is for treatment or clinic appointments.

Elective Surgery Ward 

Visitors for our patients who have been asked to ‘shield’ for fourteen days prior to surgery should be someone from their social bubble, ideally from the same household, and must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as directed by the ward team. This is to ensure these patients are protected as much as possible from the transmission of coronavirus.

Covid wards

Visiting is still not allowed on wards where we are treating patients with Covid. This is to minimise the risk of transmission and protect our patients, visitors and staff.

Maternity services

To ensure the safest environment possible for our patients and staff, we are unfortunately unable to increase the number of visitors to maternity services, or allow visiting on our antenatal or postnatal ward, this is currently under review.

However, effective from Monday 6 July, we are relaxing the restrictions following birth to enable a named birth partner to stay with the woman or birthing person until:

a) they are transferred onto a postnatal ward 

OR b) for up to 6 hours if they are staying for further monitoring 

OR c) until discharge where this happens within 6 hours of the birth.

Women attending for a first appointment in our fetal medicine unit, or attending the Trusts Rainbow clinic can attend with a partner of choice.

In the case of a homebirth, a single (the same) birth partner is allowed to be with you throughout the time you are being attended by your midwife. No other adult should be in any rooms used for labouring and birthing.

If there are other children in the household then it is the responsibility of the birth partner to care for them, or alternate arrangements should be made.

Intensive care 

Additional visitor restrictions are in place for our intensive care units.


End of life Care

When patients are at, or near, the end of life, we will review whether we can allow two visitors to provide support. However, this will be undertaken on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that social distancing can be maintained for the safety of other patients, relatives and staff.


Patients are expected to attend our outpatient departments unaccompanied unless there are exceptional circumstances. Read more about attending your outpatient appointment.

Emergency department / A&E

Patients attending our Emergency Department are also expected to be unaccompanied unless there are exceptional circumstances (for example a child or an individual who needs a carer).


Children’s services

Only one parent will be allowed to be with a child (under 18) at any one time.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) – one parent will be allowed to be with a child (under 18) at any one time.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 

  • In the ITU/HDU rooms, both parents from the same household can access the unit together for 4 hours from 11am each day.
  • In the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) rooms, both parents can now stay for up to 6 hours to help establish feeding and planning for home. The time can be split into 2 visits per day
  • Time slots must be booked via telephone with the nurse caring for their baby on the day 
  • Parents can book a video call with the medical and nursing team, or see their baby by video link by speaking with the nurse caring for the baby.


CUH patients based at Nuffield Hospital

Nuffield Hospital operates one person visiting, per patient, per day, and this visiting is open. The patient receives details of visiting and shares this with their visitors.


Specific caring roles

Where carers are needed to ensure the safe care of a patient on the ward (such as patients who have dementia, delirium or learning disabilities) the decision to admit one carer will be authorised by the nurse in charge/ ward leader. A local agreement will be reached on the length of time that carers will stay and support the patient. Anyone who falls into this category must wear their carer’s passport (ID badge) which is available on the wards.