Drive through blood tests are shortly to be available at Newmarket Road Park and Ride site in Cambridge to help us reduce the number of patients requiring their blood being taken in our hospitals and at local GP practices.

We are working in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council to set-up the new facility starting next week. We will follow-up with the official start date as you can imagine we’ve never opened a facility like this before.

Once opened, the drop-in service will be available between 09:30 and 16:30, Monday to Fridays to anyone who has an appropriate order form confirming they need a blood test. Anyone without this, will be turned away. This initiative is expected to run until later this year.

As well as providing blood tests for our hospitals, the service is likely to be used by other GP surgeries and medical practices locally to help them cope with patient demand.

This service is for adult patients only and will replace the phlebotomy service currently provided at the Nuffield Private Hospital. From 25 August please do not send patients to the Nuffield for blood tests.

How do I organise for my patient to have blood tests at the drive through facility or at their GP/third party?

If you are following up a patient, would like blood tests to be done in the community (either at the drive through facility, the patient’s GP or a community phlebotomy service), and would like to see the results, the correct way to do this is to print an external order requisition and give it or send it to the patient. Please refer to the Epic tip sheet on Connect about how to generate and print these requisition forms.

The patient will need to present these blood forms to the phlebotomist on arrival to have their bloods taken. The results will come directly back to you as the requesting individual for interpretation and follow up. Note, however, that this system will only work if your patient (who requires blood tests) is registered at a GP practice whose blood tests come to CUH Labs for analysis. If they go to another hospital, then these cannot be completed at the drive-through facility and the patient’s GP will need to be asked to order the tests and send you the results.

Please note the process outlined in the Epic Tip Sheet is the correct way to order any procedure that needs specimen to be collected through a third party, e.g. urine sample for culture.

Referral Criteria
The service will be available to all patients who meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 16 years and over
  • Have a valid phlebotomy request card or letter from a CUH clinician advising them to attend for a blood test
  • International normalised ratio (INR) patients will be required to provide their request slip
  • Phlebotomy samples require no special handling for example on-ice

Exclusion Criteria

  • Any persons under the age of 16 years
  • Any persons with significant needs which may require additional support (i.e Needle phobic) or use of topical anaesthetics
  • Any persons not attending in a hard top vehicle or any vehicle exceeding two meters in height.