We continue to lead the recovery of our hospitals’ capacity through our five task forces where we can ensure the cross-divisional, multi-disciplinary and clinical leadership that staff have told us in CUH reflects has worked so well this year. The task forces are:

  • Cohorting and configuration
  • Surgery and critical care
  • Outpatients and diagnostics
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Primary and community care

There is a particular focus for the coming weeks on cohorting and configuration, which is being led by Ewen Cameron, our executive director for improvement and transformation. This task force will be engaging specialties in the critical question of how we will allocate capacity to different specialties over the next 18 months. We aim to have a new bed plan agreed for September that will provide some stability as we head into the winter.

Other preparations are being made for the winter ahead including securing our supplies of PPE, planning for a significant flu vaccination campaign and exploring all options for additional physical capacity. This will enable us to feel as confident as we can be that we can manage any increases in demand for Covid and non-Covid patients without needing to suspend services.