Having successfully upgraded to the Epic 2017 version last August, the plan is to now upgrade to the Epic November 2020 version (Epic v. Nov 2020) this year – expected to take place on 6-7 November 2021. This is part of the Trust’s digital strategy to use technology to support our evolving needs and those of our patients and healthcare partners.
This upgrade will be on a larger scale to that of the Epic v. 2017 upgrade. Epic v. Nov 2020 will look considerably different with the standard core build of this version containing mandatory changes to some workflows, which may include additional functionality.

The eHospital team has begun the work to tailor the build of Epic v. Nov 2020 to suit our needs as a Trust, and will partner with the appropriate clinical groups to validate the mandatory workflow changes.
Further details about the changes and how areas can prepare for this upgrade will start to be communicated over the coming months, with information also being contained in the CUH Bulletin and other Trust-wide communications channels.

The high level timeline of activity together with an initial set of FAQs are available below. If you have any further questions at this stage please email them to ehospital@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

FAQs: Epic v. Nov 2020 upgrade
Below are initial questions and answers relating to the upgrade to Epic v. Nov 2020, which is being planned for 06-07 November 2021.

If you have a question that is not included below, please email it to ehospital@addenbrookes.nhs.uk so that it can be answered directly and added to this list to inform others.

When will the new Epic Nov 2020 version be available to view patient records and document care?
The upgrade to Epic v. Nov 2020 will take place on the night of Saturday 06 November 2021, with the live system being available for staff to use to view and document patient care from the early hours of Sunday 07 November 2021. Full timings and available support both during and after the upgrade will be communicated nearer the time.

Why is this next upgrade named differently?
After releasing the Epic 2017 version, Epic moved from annual upgrade releases to quarterly upgrade releases. This means that since 2017, Epic releases available system updates to its customers every 3 months. Having only recently upgraded to Epic v. 2017, CUH is still a number of Epic versions behind current and as such is preparing to upgrade to the more recent November 2020 version of Epic (named Epic v. Nov 2020). Following this upgrade the Trust will then move to the quarterly Epic update release cycle to be able to keep up with latest system version.

Will there be formal Epic classroom training before the upgrade to Epic v. Nov 2020?
The upgrade to Epic v. Nov 2020 will be on a larger scale to that of our Epic v. 2017 upgrade. It will look considerably different with the standard core build of this version containing mandatory changes to some workflows, which may include additional functionality. However, no formal Epic classroom training will be set-up for this upgrade. Instead the Trust will use a variety of avenues, mediums and communications channels over the next year to share details of the changes with Trust staff.

In addition – in October 2021 our current Epic v. 2017 training environments will be changed over to Epic v. Nov 2020 in order to prepare for the ‘live’ (production) upgrade to occur on 6-7 November 2021. This means that from early October 2021 new starters to the Trust will be trained on how to use the new Epic v. Nov 2020 version instead of our existing 2017 version. Throughout October new starters will be made aware of the version upgrade in November 2021 and that the live system that they will use temporarily following their training will be an older version of Epic. Full details about this will be communicated Trust-wide nearer the time.

Will there be a new Epic v. Nov 2020 playground to practise in prior the upgrade itself?
Yes. The new Epic v. Nov 2020 playground (Epic PLY v. Nov 2020) is expected to be available from 06 September 2021. This will provide all Trust staff that use Epic with the opportunity to practise carrying out regular / daily tasks using pretend patients to help with orientation and familiarisation with the new version. Epic PLY v. Nov 2020 log-in details will be shared Trust-wide during the summer so please keep an eye out for the details in Trust-wide bulletins and briefings.

What other opportunities will there be to familiarise with Epic v. Nov 2020 before the actual upgrade takes place?
As the eHospital team works through the build and configuration phase of this new version (taking place from January to June 2021), further details and communications out to the Trust will take place to inform staff about the various changes. This will take place in a similar way to our Epic v. 2017 upgrade – via the Epic Upgrade Operational Readiness Working Group, Trust-wide communications and engagement channels, and orientation/familiarisation packs for various areas and staff groups.

What will be the main changes between Epic v. 2017 and Epic v. Nov 2020?
The eHospital team is currently reviewing the mandatory/required changes within the new Epic version and so further communication will be shared with staff in due course.

Will the patient information, data and records that are available in our current Epic 2017 version automatically transfer and be available in the new Epic Nov 2020 version?
Yes. During the upgrade night itself (Saturday 6 November into the early hours of Sunday 7 November 2021) all information and data stored within patient records in our current Epic 2017 version will automatically transfer over to our new Epic Nov 2020 version.

As Trust computing devices are currently being upgraded, will Epic v. Nov 2020 be available and accessible on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices?
Yes. All Epic v. Nov 2020 environments, notably the live production environment (Epic PRD v. Nov 2020) and the new playground once available (Epic PLY v. Nov 2020) will be accessible from both Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers, laptops and WoWs. In addition, Epic Rover devices and Haiku and Canto apps will continue to work as expected with Epic v. Nov 2020, as will remote access via BYOD and RSA tokens. Further details about the Trust’s IT Infrastructure Upgrade, including Windows 10 device rollout, is available on Connect and the staff portal.