At 05:00 on Sunday 02 August 2020, Epic 2017 went ‘live’ across the Trust – please log into Epic PRD using your existing Epic username and password.

Please note the following based on a number of enquiries to the IT Service Desk:
Whilst it is possible to access Epic Hyperspace on devices with a screen size smaller than 14 inches, the Trust does not support this, including on iPads and smaller laptops. The only exceptions are the use of the approved Epic applications Haiku, Canto and Rover, which are specifically designed for smaller screens.

Change in Epic – automatic holding of beds for patients going to theatre:
A change was made in Epic on Wednesday 05 August 2020 to activate the automatic hold on beds for when patients are moved to theatre. This ensures that beds are held for these patients in case they need to return to the same place following their surgery, and that they are not re-allocated for new patient admissions or transfers. The holds can be manually released if patients are relocated elsewhere following their surgery. This change helps to prevent any confusion with bed status and supports patient flow and capacity management.

  • If you do not see the Epic PRD icon in Citrix or the icon does not load Epic, please refresh your apps in Citrix – tip sheet on how to do this is available here.
  • BCA daily checks: please ensure that these are done using the Epic 2017 icon on BCA PCs. The Epic 2014 icon is in the process of being removed from BCA PCs.
  • BYOD users: if you have Epic icons added through Citrix Secure Hub these will need to be removed and re-added to your phone/tablet to enable access to Epic 2017.
  • Rovers: if you experience any issues with Rover devices, please perform a manual refresh of the device – tip sheet available here and on Connect. If this does not resolve the issue please call the IT Service Desk on 01223 257257.
  • WoW scanners: if you experience issues with scanners not working on WoWs please call the IT Service Desk.
  • Care Everywhere: sharing of digital records with West Suffolk Hospital via the Care Everywhere button in Epic is now fully functional.

Current issues:
MStore issue: documents with the description of ‘Source System – MStore’ are not viewable from the Media tab in Chart Review when accessing Epic on Windows 10 devices or through BYOD. This is being investigated – we will let you know when this has been resolved. In the meantime you can view these documents in Epic from a Windows 7 device.

‘Admin Pathway Management’ button: this button is not working as expected and so there is a temporary workflow in place for administrative staff to access and update admin pathways. Please see details here.

If you experience any other issues or require support with Epic 2017 please call the IT Service Desk x257257 (internal) or 01223 257257 (external).

Epic 2017 tip sheets and familiarisation
The following are new tip sheets and guides that are now available in the eHospital Education Library, which is accessible from the ‘My eHospital’ button on the top toolbar in Epic:

  • GEN1002 – Printing Patient Lists
  • OPC1183 – Pre-charting
  • OPC1115 – DNA workflow for clinicians
  • CAD2007 – DNA workflow for administrative staff
  • LAB2001 – What’s changed in Epic 2017 (labs)
  • LAB2002 – Quality Control (labs)

The eHospital Training Team is currently updating all existing tip sheets and guides to replace screenshots with Epic 2017 versions.

In addition, information packs containing core ‘look and feel’ changes and role / department specific changes in Epic 2017 are available to download here:

This information is also available on Connect.

If you require assistance with Epic 2017 please contact the IT Service Desk on 01223 257257