On 06 April 2020 the rollout of new Windows 10 Lenovo computers began across the Trust – an important piece of work to replace over 9,000 devices as Windows 7 licence support for the NHS is expiring. This work is part of the Trust’s IT Infrastructure Upgrade Programme with CANCOM (formerly Novosco) and is expected to be complete towards the end of this year.

The table below shows the areas that are due to be contacted and have computers replaced between now and 14 May 2021 (updated fortnightly to reflect current status and the changing nature of the Trust, given the current pressures). If your area is yet to receive new computers and you are not listed below, please be patient as your time will come.

Please be assured that our partner CANCOM is very much aware of current pressures being faced with Covid-19 and is working closely with the Trust to mitigate any risk.

  • Area managers will be contacted in advance to arrange a pre-changeover visit to discuss and agree the changeover activity; with the team adhering to all relevant PPE, hand washing and social distance guidelines.
  • If you have any questions or concerns during the changeover itself, please contact the project team Windows10@addenbrookes.nhs.uk as the engineers are carrying out the changeover works as per an agreed project plan.
  • The new Windows 10 Lenovo computers run Microsoft Office 2016 applications, have NHS SmartCard access and are being installed with one new monitor and smart keyboard.
  • If one monitor currently exists it will be replaced with a new Lenovo monitor (you won’t be able to keep hold of the old monitor).
  • If a second monitor also exists (cabled up and working), this will remain in situ with new cabling provided to connect the two monitors together.
  • New ‘Tap and go’ log in functionality, using current staff ID badges, will be available on a number of new Windows 10 computers installed within inpatient wards, critical care areas and Emergency Department.
  • When you use a new Windows 10 computer for the first time please complete the Imprivata security enrolment process. This is a short, one time only process to create your security profile. Once logged in you will be prompted to set up security questions and answers. If not completed you will automatically be logged out of the computer shortly after logging in.
  • Existing wristband printers and label specimen printers will be reconfigured to the new Windows 10 computers, but please be extra vigilant when checking labels to ensure that the printers are behaving as expected. Should you experience any issues please contact the IT Service Desk on 01224 257257 (internal ext 257257).

Preparing for new Windows 10 computers

To prepare for the new computers:

  • Please ensure that work-related information / documents / files are stored within networked folders.
  • Items stored in ‘My Documents’ and on desktop screens will automatically transfer to the new Windows 10 computers.
  • Items saved within ‘My Pictures’ will not automatically transfer so you will need to move work-related pictures to networked folders.
  • Please be reminded that as per the Trust’s Security Policy, personal information or pictures should not be stored on any Trust computers.
  • If you have departmental network folders mapped on your computer then these will automatically transfer over to the new Windows 10 computers.
  • Website links saved as favourites in Internet Explorer (the Trust’s corporate web browser) will transfer across to the new Windows 10 computers. If you have favourites saved in Google Chrome or other web browsers then please make a note of them as they will not automatically transfer.

Areas due to be contacted and computers replaced by 14 May 2021.

This list is updated fortnightly with additional areas added:



















Available support

  • Please see ‘Windows 10 – The Basics’ guide for getting started with the new Windows 10 computers: ‘Tap & Go’ set-up and Microsoft Office 2016 (available to download from this page)
  • If you have any questions about this work please email Windows10@addenbrookes.nhs.uk