Ext 217769

Known to many of us the chaplaincy team already offer a unique service of pastoral care and support to all members of staff
They are always pleased to help – whether this is through an informal/ impromptu conversation in your place of work or through making a separate appointment. They are happy to provide short-term counselling and the majority of their work involves debriefing, befriending, listening and creating an environment where it is safe for staff members to talk in complete confidence.

All contact and conversations with staff members are held and treated as strictly confidential.

Chaplaincy Staff Support Line
The Chaplaincy, alongside psychology and counselling services, are offering a listening service as part of the range of support we are putting in place for our staff during this time.

It is a confidential service to help staff members unburden the pressures we are currently facing, process the emotions and experiences we are encountering, and reduce the emotional impact it has on us and our home lives.

Phone: 01223 217769 (08:00-16:00)