Doctors-for-Doctors (Professional Wellbeing & Clinician Support)


Dr Susie Hunt, CUH-trained past GP/chaplain, has drawn together a small team of highly experienced, pastorally-skilled GPs to help give 1:1 support to CUH medical & surgical colleagues, consultants and those in training, at this critical time. Wise and kind leaders in their own field – past GP tutors, FRCGPs, trainers and mentors – the team have a shared understanding of the pressures on doctors which uniquely informs their role in ‘coming alongside’ as peers or as medic ‘mothers & fathers’ at this time. As well as 1:1 care, Webex debrief group sessions for trainees/consultants can be requested. If possible please state clearly which service you would like to contact you, Psychology or Doctors-for-Doctors.