Ext 217769

• Chaplaincy listening and pastoral support for all staff of CUH (and RPH)

• Requests for support will be by an initial phone call

• Chaplains will listen and support and if necessary offer further support or liaise with psychology, counselling and other services depending on what is best for you.

Known to many, the chaplaincy team offer a unique service of pastoral care and support to all members of staff.

They are always pleased to help – whether this is through an informal/ impromptu conversation in your place of work or through making a separate appointment. They are happy to provide short-term pastoral counselling as well as befriending, listening and creating an environment where it is safe for staff members to talk in complete confidence.

All contact and conversations with staff members are strictly confidential.

Chaplaincy Staff Support Line

Phone: 01223 217769 (08:00-16:00)


The Emotional Credit Card
The chaplaincy is part of the investment made at CUH to ensure that staff have access to services for their psychological and other healthcare needs.

The Emotional Credit Card is the latest in a series of help and advice cards that the chaplaincy has produced towards the emotional and existential health and wellbeing of CUH staff.

Working and caring during the pandemic has been emotionally costly for everyone. The aim of the card is to help staff recognise the cost to them and to provide a framework for them to begin to find ways to address it.

The guide can be accessed below as well as the chaplaincy pages on Connect.

The Emotional Credit Card