Covid-19 Displaced (formerly known as shielding) trainees
Updated national and local guidance has resulted in the requirement for a new form to be completed.
All trainees who are currently Covid displaced (also known as shielding) are required to complete the updated form.
Up to date information, alongside the new form, can be found here:

Impact of COVID-19 (including for non-training grade doctors and dentists)
Are you finding the impact of Covid-19 affecting your mental and/or physical well-being? If the answer is yes, you might want to consider a PSW referral. We are a confidential, non-punitive and supportive service. During the pandemic, we are accepting both educator (Form F) and self-referrals (Form C), which can be downloaded from our website today:

General PSW Support (trainee doctors and dentists only)
Our aim is to be supportive. Where you may need support that is not intrinsically related to Covid and not solely exam support, you can access the PSW by completing Form F where a referral is made with one of your educators (e.g. TPD, ES):
Once we have received your referral, we will assign you a case manager who can assess what additional support is available to you. To reiterate – a PSW referral, and any subsequent support, will not impact on your training or future career.

The referral may be due to (but not limited to):
– A significant life event
– Health and Social issues impacting on work and / or training progression
– Environmental concerns (e.g. the training environment you are in, how you are coping in your current position or how supported you currently feel)
– Clinical and/or professional performance

1:1 exam support
Have you struggled to pass your exam twice or more? If this is the case, you may benefit from some additional support. You can access this support by completing a self-referral specific to exam support (Form E):
Following receipt of a referral, we will aim to put in place appropriate support that meets your needs such as
– 1:1 exam strategy support
– Providing access to workshops on exam stress and anxiety
– Communication skills workshops and/or 1:1 support
– Neurodiverse conditions screening and assessment (relevant to trainees who may have difficulties in areas such as organisation, working memory, time management)

Exam support workshops for March and May 2021
We have workshops running in March and May. If you wish to attend, you must be available for all 3 sessions, and these are held on three consecutive Fridays from 10am-12pm.
Further details can be found here We would also recommend that you self-refer using the self-referral Form E.

PSW Contact details
If you are not sure about making a referral or, to speak with someone in the PSW team, please email