Although the Government’s Covid restrictions are starting to ease, as a hospital environment CUH must always have more rigorous rules in place than the wider community.

Our Covid-secure task force continues to meet to ensure risk is minimised for our staff, patients and visitors, and significant concerns have been raised about increased footfall that is being recording on site.

As CUH needs to be able to offer a secure, safe environment, we must take a cautious approach to easing restrictions internally and balance the number of staff on site with the number of visitors and patients we need to see.

More patients are now required to attend our clinics to receive the treatment and care they need, and coupled with our restricted visitor policy we are seeing more patients and visitors coming to our hospitals. It’s therefore even more important that we keep staff footfall down to a minimum.

There has been no change to Covid-secure measures for staff at CUH, but we are seeing greater numbers of staff working in offices, parking on site and queuing in the concourse.

All staff must please continue to:

  • Work from home if they can – this is expected to remain CUH policy for at least the next six months.
  • Wear face masks at all times on site, unless they are alone in an office, or whilst eating or drinking.
  • Maintain a two-metre distance between themselves and others.
  • Ensure frequent handwashing and surface cleaning.

Remember that tips and guidance on working from home are available on the staff portal to help you make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your wellbeing.

Local health and safety risk assessments

All areas must complete a Covid-19 secure environment local health and safety risk assessment to comply with legal requirements and government Covid-19 secure guidelines, ensuring the risks are as low as possible.

Managers are encouraged to complete the latest version (1.6) available on the staff portal and should continue to regularly review to ensure you are maintaining the control measures you have put in place.

Vaccination and testing

Any member of staff who develops one or more of the following symptoms must still self-isolate and arrange a PCR swab:

  • High temperature – this means a feeling of feverishness, or a measured temperature >37.8 degrees.
  • New cough – this means a new intermittent or persistent cough, or worsening of your usual cough (if you have one).
  • A loss or change in your sense of taste or smell, particularly in the absence of nasal congestion.

If a member of your household develops one or more of these symptoms you should arrange a test for them and all of the household should self-isolate. If you are unsure or need further assistance, contact occupational health on 01223 216767 or

Please also continue to make use of the asymptomatic screening programme for staff. It’s important that everyone continues to submit swabs, even after vaccination, since the vaccine does not provide complete protection against infection.

If you haven’t already, get your Covid-19 vaccination as soon as you can to protect yourselves, your family and those you care for. The vaccination programme at CUH ended on Wednesday 28 April, but first doses of the vaccine are available for healthcare workers via the national booking system here or by calling 119.