If you experience any issues please contact the access office on x596060.

Please remember to display our core values towards all of our colleagues working within the car parks.

Update: June 2021
We will be removing access to park on site for all staff who do not meet the eligibility criteria from Monday 07 June.

Whilst the message remains that staff should continue to work from home where possible, we are asking those staff who do not meet the eligibility criteria (ie were not able to park onsite before April 2020) to please revert to your previous travel and parking arrangements to create capacity for our patients, visitors and eligible staff.

It is important to note that the ability to access the car parks (even for those who are eligible) unfortunately does not guarantee that there will be spaces available. You may reach the car park to find that it is full and you will need to find alternative parking, such as local Park & Ride sites. Please consider this when planning your journey.

Thank you.

Parking charges
We continue to follow national guidance and car parking remains free for staff – the commitment nationally, that we have followed here at CUH, has been that this will continue for the duration of the pandemic. We understand that staff would like to have some certainty around this and we have therefore committed to free parking until at least 01 July 2021, even if the national guidance changes before this date.

Access to onsite car parking
Please use your CUH ID/access card when accessing the car parks, rather than taking a patient and visitor ticket. Any staff member taking a patient and visitor ticket at car parks 1 or 2 will be charged for the duration of their stay and will not be entitled to the current staff free parking.

Staff may be requested to park in alternate locations on campus pending understanding of capacity and demand.

For further information about car parking for staff please visit Connect.