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Here you will find links to creative external websites.

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Take this opportunity to ignite your creativity! From simple craft ideas, mindful colouring and invigorating live singing – we’ll be sharing inspiring ideas with you

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Art Gallery

Sit back and enjoy some inspiring artwork and photography by artists who have exhibited with us.

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CUH Arts

CUH Arts is the Trust’s hospital arts programme, dedicated to transforming the hospital experience, promoting wellbeing and inspiring hope through creativity.

Supported by Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, we deliver a year-round programme of arts activities, events, exhibitions and engage our hospital community in a diverse and eclectic range of live, visual and participatory arts.

‘Creative Wellbeing’ is an easy way to find creative outlets and aids to help with relaxation or distraction as well as a variety of interactive possibilities.

From listening to bird song, reading about the CUH Art Collection, collaborative singing to doodling and origami. There is plenty of variety to suit all tastes.

We have an opportunity to share with you some of the rich resources available from our artists, writers, poets and musicians, where we hope you may find some comfort, joy and inspiration during these challenging times.