Reminder: Reporting derogatory and discriminatory behaviour

Unfortunately, there are occasions when our colleagues are subject to, or witness, derogatory and discriminatory behaviour. In order to tackle this, each and every one of us needs to take a stand, and an important aspect of this is reporting it. You can now record these types of behaviours more easily on QSiS, our incident reporting system.

A specific incident coding category for discriminatory/derogatory behaviour has been created, covering protected characteristics (racial, homophobic, transphobic, disability, sexual, religious, and age discrimination), with sub-categories capturing:

  1. physical assault
  2. non-physical – verbal/written
  3. behaviour

as well as further defined whether by staff, patient or visitor.

This can be located with one click, firstly selecting under ‘Category’ and then following the guidance available.

There is the opportunity to define and raise as a potential hate crime, with guidance provided as to what constitutes a hate crime.

If you have any questions, please contact Trust Security on

Please follow the below link to QSiS for more information –












Who can help and support with extra advice?  #LDWeek22

Here at CUH we have two learning disability specialist nurses who provide additional advice, support, training and assist service improvement across our organisation. It is their role to make hospital experiences positive and safe for everyone.

Our learning disability specialist nurses know lots about reasonable adjustments and can help you to support your patient. If you know you will be seeing a patient with a learning disability, please contact them.

Cheryl Exley – adult (from 18yrs) learning disability specialist nurse

Ext 216133 or 07928 128664

Epic order and open referral system

Lisa Kingsley – paediatric (under 18yrs) learning disability & autism clinical nurse specialist

07510 383727 (for use by staff only)

Open referral system

Why not download the team poster to display in your clinical area? Hear from Cheryl about the role of learning disability nurses here:

Leadership Support Circles – final few topics remaining

This is a national NHS wellbeing programme designed to support managers and other staff who have responsibility for colleagues at these times. If you look after staff in any capacity (this includes supporting, supervising and/or managing), this puts you in a leadership role – regardless of your banding.

Leadership Support Circles are themed and interactive webinars that provide a facilitated supportive space for all those who have responsibility, at whatever level, and whether medical, clinical or non-clinical.

The programme includes participation from some of our partner organisations across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough – providing the additional benefit of sharing experiences and gaining insights, on a range of specific topics about self-care and supporting teams, with those leading services in other local NHS Trusts.

Next week’s themes are:

  • Accepting an uncertain future: Tuesday 28 June, 10:45 – 12:00
  • Beating pandemic fatigue: Thursday 30 June, 15:45 – 17:00
  • Look after yourself: Friday 1 July, 12:45 – 14:00

To book onto a circle, please click here and you will be redirected to DOT. Participants can join any one, or all, of the themed sessions and will also be signposted to further resources. Please note that sessions take place via Microsoft Teams and you will need to use Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access them.

Genomics Conversation Week

Did you know that genomic information can sometimes be used to improve treatments?

Paul Selby, Lead Pharmacist, for East Genomics highlights in a short video why it’s an important part of pharmacy.

CUH car share scheme

The CUH Liftshare scheme makes car sharing easier and more accessible for staff across the Trust.

We all share cars regularly without thinking about it, but many of us drive to work with spare seats because we don’t know of anyone who needs a lift? CUH Liftshare enables organised car sharing, connecting people travelling in the same direction so they can arrange to travel together and share the costs of the commute.

The scheme is free to use. Just register your details with the CUH Liftshare website either as a driver or passenger, detailing the times and direction you travel and the website will do the rest, providing a list of potential car sharers who also have a similar journey at a similar time to/from the campus.

The website is secure and, at present, can only be used by CUH employees although this may become part of a campus-wide scheme in the future.

Why not give car sharing a go? As well as making your journey more fun, you can:

  • Lower your travel costs (regular car sharers can save up to £1,000 per year)
  • Help reduce traffic congestion
  • Meet new colleagues and useful contacts

To sign up to the CUH Liftshare scheme, visit to register and add your journey.

My CUH story – Long Service Awards – Alison Alldred

This month we have been celebrating our long service awards. Our staff are what make our hospitals special – during this month, we’re sharing some of the stories from our long service award winners.

Today we’re finding out about Alison Alldred. Alison, pictured in the header above, is an eHospital principal trainer who is responsible for the administrative courses offered to staff at CUH. This year Alison is celebrating 20 years of working at CUH!

Alison said: “I really love my job and although I’m very much behind the scenes of the hospital, I hope that the small part I play helps our staff to input and access information quickly, which in turn helps our patients!”

Read Alison’s story on the CUH website.

All staff Q&A – Monday 04 July, 14:00-14:45

All CUH staff are invited to attend a Q&A session with Roland Sinker, chief executive, and other members of the Trust’s leadership team on Monday 04 July, 14:00-14:45.

The session will be held via Zoom and the staff Facebook group. A recording of the session will also be made available on the staff portal. Please send any questions you may have for Roland and the leadership team to

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 817 9636 8966
Passcode: 044456