Specialty/Business Unit changes in Epic from Tuesday

On Tuesday 21 June, changes will be made in Epic to reflect the Trust’s decision to rename the Cardiovascular-Metabolic and ENT/H&N/Plastics business units – these will be changed in Epic to CDG-MODEL and EPOV respectively.

The Vascular Surgery specialty in Epic will move to the new EPOV business unit, and the Dermatology and PUVA specialties will move to the CDG-MODEL business unit.

As a result, Workqueues and waiting list reports in Epic will also be amended on Tuesday to the following:

  1. Cardiovascular-Metabolic waiting list reports, and referral and appointment request workqueues will be renamed to CDG-MODEL
  2. ENT/H&N/Plastics waiting list reports, and referral and appointment request workqueues will be renamed to EPOV
  3. Dermatology and Puva orders, referrals and waiting lists will move from EPOV to the CDG-MODEL workqueues and waiting list reports
  4. Vascular Surgery orders, referrals and waiting lists will move from the CDG-MODEL to EPOV workqueues and waiting list reports.

Travel: Rail strikes in June

As some of you will have seen in the media, The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) has called three 24-hour strikes on 21, 23 and 25 June.

This means that rail services will be disrupted on those days. Whilst we hope for amical resolution to the discussions, we want to plan ahead for any potential impact this might have on our staff and our ability to run our services safely.

Journey planners such as www.nationalrail.co.uk will show exact train times and are expected to be updated today, Friday 17 June, with the timetable for strike days (Tuesday 21, Thursday 23 and Saturday 25 June). Journey planners should be updated on Saturday 18 June with the timetable for the days after each strike day (Wednesday 22, Friday 24 and Sunday 26 June).

If you might be impacted by these strikes please:

  • Speak to your line manager as soon as possible
  • Consider whether you can use alternative means of travel on the affected days
  • Consider adjusting your working pattern on those days; work from home, move your working days, swap shifts

If line managers have any concerns about the impact this will have on services, please raise these with your divisional bronze command as soon as possible.

Open Minds staff network relaunch

For those of you who were around when the Time to Change network first formed, you’ll know this network became possible because of the coordination the Time to Change charity gave to CUH staff organisers. We’ve gone from organising a stall for mental health awareness week, to having direct input in the Trust’s approach to looking after staff with mental health conditions and raising money for mental health charities – doing our best to shine a spotlight on something that needs discussing.

Unfortunately last year the Time to Change charity closed down for good. This means new staff coming into the Trust won’t know what we do from our name alone. As our main event each year is Open Mind Night we’ve decided to relaunch the network as the Open Minds staff network; emphasising the importance of everyone keeping an open mind when learning about or supporting someone with a mental health condition.

Anyone who would like to get involved with the network please contact us by e-mail at OpenMinds@addenbrookes.nhs.uk or visit our Connect page.

Our next meeting is today at 13:00. Visit our Connect page for details on how to join.




UK transplant experts reach 100th meeting milestone

The National Adult Small Intestinal Transplant Programme (NASIT) – a unique medical forum which discusses every adult in the UK being considered for an intestinal transplant – celebrated its 100th meeting at CUH yesterday.

Members met face to face, rather than virtually, for the first time since the pandemic began. Dr Lisa Sharkey, consultant gastroenterologist and transplant physician and medical lead for Cambridge Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplant Service said: “Since its foundation NASIT has brought together some of the country’s leading specialists to discuss in detail these very complex cases and the life-saving surgery patients so urgently need. The fact we held our 100th meeting, and that was finally in person at the clinical school, are milestone moments.” Read more on Connect.


Cambridge teams land £4m to tackle toughest cancers

Two teams of Cambridge scientists – which include experts based at CUH – are to get a £4m boost to help with the fight against cancer.

The goal is to understand how extrachromosomal DNA is created, find its vulnerabilities, and develop new ways to target it in some of the hardest cancers to treat, including glioblastoma, lung and oesophageal.

You can read more on the CUH website.

My CUH Story – David Cope

Ahead of Autistic Pride Day tomorrow, Saturday 18 June 2022, and carrying on from our Neurodiversity celebration week back in March, David Cope shared his experience of being diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and working at CUH.

David is a senior analyst/programmer in the research and development EDGE project and has worked at CUH since 2013. He told us what being diagnosed with Autism later in life was like.

David said: “Here, I was confident enough to talk about my High Functioning Autism to my new manager at CUH and was met with a positive response. I am proud to work in the NHS and CUH makes a genuine effort to understand and provide for neurodiverse employees.”

Read David’s story on the CUH website.

Notifications of works

Partial road closure on Robinson Way – Saturday 18 June 08:00-16:00
During the above times, a partial road closure on the Robinson Way will be implemented to support installation of solar film to window glazing of the Physiotherapy gymnasium. A traffic management system will be in place to enable a cherry picker to move along the building. Access will be maintained at all times and all disruption will be kept to a minimum. Priority will be given to emergency vehicles and bus services.

Main bus stop carriageway and drain repairs – Monday 20 June to Friday 01 July
During the above dates, from 07:30 to 16:00, there will be repair work to carriageway and surface water drains to bus exits points at the main bus stop. Buses will need to exit the main bus stop from one exit point at a time and use the roundabouts to get on the correct route. Signage and barriers will be put up to control traffic.

Join us at Cambridge Pride 2022 – 09 July

Cambridge Pride takes place on Saturday 09 July 2022 from 12:00 on Jesus Green. It is a fantastic celebration for the local LGBTQIA+ community, helping people from all walks of life feel proud and confident to be themselves.

The free event will include a parade in the park, free wellbeing sessions, community hive pride café, food and drink and much more. Our CUH LGBT+ staff network will be in the community tent – please do come and see us! More information on the Cambridge Pride website.