Today’s 08:27 was led by Roland Sinker, chief executive.

Lassa fever, Covid-19, and operational updates – Ewen Cameron

Lassa fever

  • The process has run smoothly; there is a large number of staff in the hospital I’d like to thank
  • 14 patients transferred to other hospitals; one back already
  • No staff have tested positive since the case was identified; we are not expecting staff to test positive as it is extremely difficult to catch
  • From tomorrow staff will start to return from isolation
  • Our hospital and the regional response has been fabulous, with enormous amounts of work done, for example to transfer patients and divert services
  • Collaboration has been excellent; a great example of how the NHS can plan and prepare for significant incidents and cope well
  • Largest ever track and trace since Covid and a large number of staff pulled together to support this to make sure we didn’t miss any staff or patients. Thank you to everyone who supported this process.


  • We are now down to 40 cases in the hospital with four in critical care
  • We hope to soon convert another ward back from red to green
  • Community prevalence is falling pretty rapidly.


  • We have had a relatively difficult couple of weeks but much better flow in the last week
  • However, the emergency department (ED) is very busy this morning
  • Key is to focus on early discharges and using the discharge lounge
  • We are hoping to move the discharge lounge to EAU3 this week, which opens up the possibility of a bedded area in the discharge lounge. This will enable more patients to use the facility
  • In order to improve flow:
    • please respond rapidly to the ED
    • Where possible, if patients can be managed in outpatients rather than being admitted, please do so
    • Focus on discharges – the first discharge of the day is critical. An hour per patient earlier discharge, adds up to a huge difference across the Trust with approximately 140 discharges per day.

Staff Governor elections – Ian Walker and Polly Rushton-Ray

  • We are preparing for election for the Trust governors and encourage everyone to get involved
  • The Council of Governors is an important part of the Trust and is made up of elected patient, public and staff governors, as well as those that represent key XXXX
  • The Council meets regularly with members of the Board and each has a range of specific responsibilities
  • Governors are elected by members of their respective constituencies, so staff members are elected by staff
  • This year we are electing four seats – two patient, one public and also one staff governor
  • We would encourage colleagues to stand for election to the role of CUH staff governor
  • It is a really good way to get involved in the life of CUH, to help hold the Board to account, to represent the views of staff and hopefully an opportunity to gain some new skills and experiences.

Polly Rushton-Ray, staff governor

  • I first became interested in the role of staff governor in 2020, but decided not to apply as I believed it was just for clinical or operational staff
  • When the position came up again in 2021 I decided to apply and was delighted to be elected
  • Since I’ve been in post it’s been really exciting. I have met a lot of new people, learnt new things and skills. Staff wellbeing is very important and it’s great to have a hand in it
  • I also sit on the workforce experience committee. We’re currently looking at how best to support line managers going forward, training opportunities, diversity and inclusion – all really important topics
  • Being a governor is a great way of getting your voice out there, meeting seniors, learning about new jobs in new areas which is really exciting
  • The senior team is very approachable and willing to listen to ideas from the staff group
  • In terms of time commitment, I attend one or two meetings per month, usually taking about an hour and a half, often not in work hours
  • You do not need to have any clinical, logistical or operational knowledge to do this. We need people from all over the hospital so I would encourage you to apply
  • It’s a terrific career opportunity as well as being essential to how the organisation runs
  • It’s another mechanism to listen to patients and staff. Communication is key
  • We need the views from everyone across the Trust. And you get a snazzy lanyard!

Ian Walker

  • We opened the nomination period yesterday and this will run through to Monday 21 March at 17:00
  • We will confirm the candidates standing for election on 28 March
  • The voting process will begin from 11 April through to 10 May
  • Further information in today’s bulletin, including:
    • a link to the nomination form and where to get further information
    • a link to the foundation email if you would like to arrange a 1:1 session to discuss the role further,
  • Please give it some serious thought and get involved.