Today’s 08:27 was led by Roland Sinker, chief executive.

Operational update – Ewen Cameron

  • We’ve seen a significant increase in Covid in the hospital; 67 in general beds and 9 in critical care.
  • We’ve seen a significant number of outbreaks on wards – with two wards and a number of bays closed to admissions. We have 90 beds closed with 24 empty.
  • Community prevalence is highest it’s been – it is a concern and likely to continue.
  • We all need to be very cautious at work and out of work.
  • The situation is not as bad as some of our scenarios but it is having a significant impact on the services we can provide.
  • We’ve seen a significant worsening of our flow metrics, such as early morning discharges. Continue to focus on planning for discharges.
  • Please plan the day before for patients you think might go home tomorrow, review those due to go home early in the ward round, make sure all actions needed to send a patient home are taken, use the discharge lounge.
  • We understand this is challenging with current staffing shortages.

Infection prevention and control – Liam Brennan and Chris Moody

  • Covid has not gone away – we are still in the grip of the Omicron wave.
  • Please continue to follow the basics of infection prevention and control.
  • Perform hand hygiene every opportunity, after each patient.
  • Wear the correct PPE for the area where you are working.
  • Encourage patients and visitors to wear masks.
  • Challenge poor practice proactively – receive challenge in the spirit is intended.
  • Continue to take part in asymptomatic screening programme.
  • We have seen a couple of outbreaks relating to breaktimes – please replace PPE as soon as you’ve finished eating and drinking. If you are struggling to maintain measures because of the environment you take breaks in get in touch with the infection control team.
  • Maintain social distance especially if not wearing mask at that point (if you are eating).
  • Make sure you have good ventilation in working environment – open windows, airscrubbers are in place across the Trust.
  • Ensure we are doing all we can to protect patients and staff.
  • If you think a patient has a fever with unknown cause – think about Covid and send sample ASAP, if you can isolate them. We don’t have lots of other infections that we’d usually see at this time of year so think Covid and help stem outbreaks.

Vaccination as a condition of deployment – David Wherrett

  • We have been working hard to plan for the introduction of legislation which would make vaccination a condition of deployment for NHS staff in patient facing roles from 01 April 2022.
  • Last night, the Government announced a consultation on ending vaccination as a condition of deployment in health and all social care settings.
  • We welcome this announcement. Vaccination is at the heart of the safety agenda for our staff and patients and we believe it is the right thing to do, but our approach has always been for this to be a matter of informed choice.
  • We have paused all processes to implement the legislation. We continue to offer the opportunity for staff to have compassionate and supportive conversations about their vaccination status.
  • Our hope now is that we receive a clear statement on the legislation. This has been incredibly difficult for individuals and teams across the Trust, and we really hope for a period of healing. We hope that we have managed this in a kind and respectful way.

CUH annual awards launch – all

  • At the heart of good working relationships is showing recognition.
  • We are introducing an annual awards programme – over the next eight months to shine the spotlight on teams and individuals.
  • We want this to feel authentic – together showing appreciation to each other.
  • There will be 12 categories.
  • Nominations open Monday 7th February.
  • We hope that everybody embraces the opportunity to nomination a colleague.
  • Further information is available on the staff portal.