Incident status update

We are currently caring for 42 patients with Covid-19; 6 of those are in critical care. There are 13 inpatients waiting for Covid-19 test results.

Operational plan for the Epic upgrade

The upgrade to Epic Nov. 2020 (in 11 days’ time) will involve a period of Epic downtime, expected to last between 01:00-05:00 on the morning of Sunday 07 November.

A read only (SRO) version of our current Epic 2017 system will be available to enable you to look up information on current patients, but you will not be able to document in Epic during this time.

The expectation (as with routine Epic downtimes) is to write down information during the downtime period and enter it retrospectively into the new Epic Nov. 2020 version when it becomes available.

As per the Trust’s ‘Epic Unavailability Procedure’ this includes:

  • ED admissions
  • patient moves / transfers
  • medication administrations
  • observations
  • orders and charting

Once the upgrade has been completed, the new Epic Nov. 2020 version will be made available across the Trust and to offsite locations and satellite units that also use our Epic system.

Important information and actions required

From Friday 29 October

  • Check that BCA (Business Continuity Access) computers in your areas have the new ‘BCA Printing’ icon (as pictured below).
  • If you do not see this icon please inform the IT Service Desk x257257.
  • This icon allows you access to our current Epic 2017 system and will continue to work after the upgrade to allow you access to the new Epic Nov. 2020 version.

Next week (01-05 November)

  • Complete daily checks on BCA computers and printers and ensure that you have enough printer ink and paper in case we need to switch to full BCA during the Epic upgrade – see short BCA videos on DOT.
  • Ensure ED kiosk-mode computers and WOWs (workstations on wheels) are switched on and connected to the IT network.

Saturday 06 November

  • Ensure BCA checks are completed by 23:00.
  • Ensure ED kiosk-mode computers and WOWs remain switched on and connected to the IT network overnight to enable updates to be pushed out to these devices automatically during the upgrade.
  • CHEQS reports that contain data from Epic will not update between midday on Saturday 06 November and 17:00 on Sunday 07 November.

Sunday 07 November, 01:00-05:00 (Epic upgrade)

  • Shortly before 01:00 (am) a message will appear on the workstation you are using asking you to log out of Epic and log into the SRO read-only version (Epic 2017). You will only be able to look up information in SRO so please write down information and enter it retrospectively when the Epic Nov. 2020 version becomes available (expected at around 05:00).
  • At around 05:00 Epic Nov. 2020 is expected to be ‘live’.
    A message will appear on the workstation you are using asking you to log out of SRO and log into Epic production (PRD) – same icon as before the downtime – use your existing Epic usernames and passwords.

Please do not use:

  • WOWs and ED kiosk-mode computers during the Epic downtime.
  • Leave them powered on and connected to the Trust’s IT network.
  • A re-start of these devices may be required when the Epic Nov. 2020 version becomes available.
  • Rovers between 01:00-07:00
  • Haiku / Canto apps between 01:00-07:00
  • Secure Chat through Hyperspace, Rover or Haiku / Canto apps between 01:00-07:00
  • MyChart between 01:00-09:00
  • Care Everywhere button in Epic until 11:00

Running of reports in Epic

Please be aware that the running of reports in Epic will not be available until after 09:00 on Sunday morning. If you see an error box appear when trying to run a report in Epic on Sunday morning, please try to run it again after 09:00. Should you experience any issues after 09:00 then please contact the IT service desk on ext. 257257.

BYOD users

If you have Epic icons added through Citrix Secure Hub you will need to remove these and re-add them to your phone/tablet to enable access to the Epic Nov. 2020 version.

Sending pathology samples during the Epic downtime

During the Epic downtime, the blood sciences (haematology and biochemistry), blood transfusion and other laboratories within pathology, including microbiology, tissue typing and histopathology will be processing clinically urgent samples only.

Therefore, please:

  • Contact the laboratory (out-of-hours this can be done via the switchboard) with details before sending.
  • Send your samples with a hand-written BCA request form to the laboratory.
  • Ensure that there is a contact telephone number.

Also during the downtime period, clinical teams need to be aware of procedures for blood transfusion (blood storage, collection and administration) and blood sciences. Full details are available Connect and the staff portal.

Logging into PACS Workstations during the Epic downtime

If you require a log in for PACS Workstations during the Epic downtime please call the IT Service Desk on x257257.

If you experience any issues or require support following the Epic upgrade

Please contact the IT Service Desk on x257257 (internal), 01223 257257 (external).

The full Epic upgrade operational plan is available on both Connect and the CUH Staff Portal

Car parking charges update

Car parking remains free for staff who are eligible to park on site. We expect this to continue until at least Friday 31 December 2021.

Our commitment remains that we will provide at least one month’s notice of any introduction of charges. Any updates will be provided via this bulletin.

If you have any queries regarding your eligibility to park on site please contact the Access office:

PPE and infection control update – Thursday 04 November

Join us for an update on the latest PPE guidance and the infection control measures in place across our hospitals to help minimise the spread of infections. The session will take place on Thursday 04 November, 09:00-09:30. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions.

The session will be held via Zoom and the staff Facebook group. A recording will be made available on the staff portal after the session for those who are unable to attend. If you would like to submit a question in advance please email

Join the Zoom meeting here.
Passcode: 304589

Cambridge Cancer – all-staff briefing

A reminder that all staff are invited to a Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital briefing today, 27 October at 13:00.

You will hear a project update and learn more about the role of research in the hospital and our work on co-production with patients.

Join the Zoom meeting here
Meeting ID: 939 0077 9401
Passcode: 183984

We look forward to seeing you there, but if you are unable to make it, we will share a link to the recording afterwards.

Medicine for Members: An artificial pancreas for people with type 2 diabetes – is this the future?

The next Medicine for Members Lecture will take place on Wednesday 17 November at 18:30-19:30.

Dr Charlotte Boughton, clinical lecturer at University of Cambridge will discuss how the artificial pancreas device is helping to control blood glucose levels and automate insulin delivery, along with; Sara Hartnell, principal diabetes dietitian at CUH.

The lecture can be joined via Zoom or on the CUH Facebook page.

A recording of the talk will be made available on the CUH website and CUH YouTube channel after the event.

Notification of works – fire alarm testing

The testing will be undertaken across outpatients and clinics, with the first tests taking place as follows:

Date: Thursday 28 October
Time: 06:00 and 07:30
Where: Levels 1-4 outpatients and clinics including associated plant room areas.

The signal that will be activated will be continuous. Whilst testing the evacuation signal those areas with adjacency of this area the fire alarm may sound the intermittent signal.

All areas will be notified prior to the commencement of the testing and upon its completion with members of the testing team walking the area.