Incident status update

We are currently caring for 35 patients with Covid-19; 9 of those are in critical care. There are 15 inpatients waiting for Covid-19 test results.

Valved respiratory protective equipment

A National Patient Safety Alert has highlighted a small but significant increase of surgical/ procedural site infection associated with the use of valved respiratory protective equipment in key patient groups.

This has prompted a review of the use of valved FFP3* masks along with JSP masks and respiratory hoods when working directly over an open surgical field or undertaking a non-surgical invasive procedure, for example central venous line insertion.

It is advised that if you are a staff member working directly over a sterile field as part of the surgical scrub team in theatres or as the primary operator performing a non-surgical invasive procedure then valved respiratory protective equipment should not be used. As an alternative, depending on the clinical scenario and Covid status of the patient, either a type IIR FRSM or a non-valved FFP3 mask should be utilised.

If you are unable to be fit tested to a non-valved FFP3 mask, then a type IIR FRSM can be worn over the exit valve on the mask to mitigate the risk of infection.

If you have any queries please contact Stacey Haynes, Trish Bonnage and Christine Moody ex 217497.

*Currently the valved FFP3 masks used in CUH are: Alpha 3030V, Alpha S-3V, Meixin 2016V

Reminder: Epic upgrade preparations start today from 14:00

From 14:00 today technical behind the scenes preparations for the Epic upgrade will begin. Epic will continue to function as normal until 01:00 on Sunday 07 November (when the actual upgrade of the live system will take place), but please be aware that only critical maintenance changes will be made in Epic and some functions will display an error message during this thirteen-day period, including:

  • applying or editing filters on workqueues
  • applying or editing filters within Chart Review
  • creating or editing SmartPhrases or SmartLinks
  • updating pools in the Pools and People I Manage activity
  • moving activities to a floating window or sidebar

If an option is temporarily unavailable, expect to see a message similar to this:

The operational plan for the upgrade will be released in Wednesday’s bulletin.

Transparent type IIR face masks

Many of you have been asking since the start of the pandemic about the availability of transparent face masks to facilitate better communication in clinical environments for patients and staff with hearing and speech and language difficulties. Unfortunately, to date none of the transparent type IIR masks which have been evaluated for use in clinical environments have passed the rigorous assessment required by the relevant authorities for use in the UK.

As a Trust we share the frustration of our colleagues that such an important aid to effective communication is not available. We are doing all that we can to expedite this important issue at the highest levels in the NHS and will keep you informed of progress.

Contract signed to deliver Shared Care Record across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Integrated Care System (ICS), of which CUH is a part of, has signed an eight-year contract with Orion Health to to develop a Shared Care Record that will be used by eight health and care organisations and all GP practices in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Read more on Connect or on the staff portal.

Celebrate Black History Month at CUH

We are delighted to share a programme of events to celebrate Black History Month which have been organised by our BAME network for all CUH staff to enjoy. These events take place this week – a full list of the online events with Zoom details is available on Connect and on the staff portal.

A new event has been added – on Wednesday 27 October at 18:00 join Hashi Mohamed, barrister and author of his recently published debut book ‘People Like Us, What it Takes to Make it in Modern Britain’, to hear him talk about his experiences of growing up in Britain and facing the inequalities that exist in our society; what inclusion means for him; and what more he thinks can be done to challenge inequality and develop more inclusive behaviours

Can’t make it? You can submit a question to any one of our speakers here.

Nursing and midwifery update

If you missed last week’s nursing and midwifery update, a recording is available on the staff portal.

Commercialisation of health innovations with Health Enterprise East

Health Enterprise East is a technology consultancy that specialises in healthcare innovation, and is one of our commercialisation partners. They work with healthcare staff to develop their ideas and innovations into commercialisable products that can be used within the NHS or more widely.

They are hosting two webinars for health care staff or academics who have an idea or product with commercialisation potential, or who are interested to understand more about the commercialisation process. Click on the links below to book your place:

IP & Commercialisation Strategies for Medtech: 28 October 2021 – 13:00-14:30
For researchers who need help to translate their idea to a viable product or treatment. The session will outline the processes with advice on proof-of-concept, licensing, funding and creating spin-out companies.

Selling to the NHS: 25 November 2021 – 13:00-14:30
Whether you are an entrepreneur, clinician, academic or investor, this session is to help those who are developing a new healthcare product at whatever stage. The team will offer guidance of key market issues and how to overcome them, as well as provide advice on how your approved product can be adopted into the NHS.

Further support and advice
MedTech CONNECT is a new online portal for researchers with advice and support with collaboration on new devices and technologies to support patients.

Health Enterprise East is offering a free consultation appointment to help researchers develop and commercialise their medical technology.

Find out more on Health Enterprise East’s website.

08:27 – join via Zoom or Facebook

The 08:27 takes place each Tuesday morning and provides the latest updates and opportunity to ask questions. You can now join via Zoom using the link below or watch via Facebook in the staff group. Recordings are also added to the staff portal following the meeting.

Join via Zoom:
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