Incident status update

We are currently caring for 21 patients with Covid-19; 5 of those are in critical care. There are 21 inpatients waiting for Covid-19 test results.

Boost your immunity this winter with the flu vaccine

CUH’s flu vaccination programme begins today as a drop-in service in the Deakin Centre for the following:

  • All CUH staff, including substantive, temporary, bank and honorary contract holders
  • CUH volunteers
  • Medirest / Compass Group staff
  • Blood service staff
  • Medical students as part of the University of Cambridge Clinical School, years 4-6
  • Other clinical students on placements including nurses and allied health professionals (e.g. Anglia Ruskin University)

The drop-in clinics will be running Monday to Saturday each week from 07:00-17:30. You do not need to book to receive your flu vaccine, but please bring your NHS number.

Full details are available on Connect and the staff portal.

Remember, flu can be life-threatening, so protect yourself, your family and your patients, and get your vaccination.

We need as many staff as possible to receive their flu vaccination in the first few weeks. It not only maximises protection, it will also help us to deliver Covid-19 ‘booster’ vaccinations quickly and efficiently from Monday 04 October.

Post Covid vaccination case reporting

It is a mandate for all NHS trusts to report to Public Health England all cases where:
The patient has received 2 doses of vaccine >7 days prior to the onset of symptoms (or first positive swab, if asymptomatic) AND the first positive swab was <7 days ago.

(only follow these steps if the first swab was within the last 7 days)

If you encounter such a case, please follow the following steps:

1. Document vaccination status on EPIC Go to the “Admissions” tab / Historical admins / Single Historical Admin / and then fill in the relevant details (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna etc)


2. Send a repeat nose / throat swab and serum sample (LAB8160 – Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19 in Vaccinated Individuals).

3. Please report this to PHE (after consenting the patient for this) via:  OR

4. Please document in EPIC that these steps have been completed 

5. The patient will also require a second serum sample to be taken 28 days after the first – if they are likely to have been discharged by this time, please indicate this on the reporting form and PHE will arrange the second sample.
For any questions or further information, please contact or

CUH compassionate leadership webinar series 2021

Support for staff and managers continues to play a key part in supporting our service delivery. These webinars are designed to provide managers with guidance on specific skills that will help them lead their teams through the ongoing challenging and changing conditions associated with delivering our services during the pandemic.

The webinars are hosted on Zoom and are both interactive and reflective – they examine the particular challenges of leading teams at these times, explore techniques that can help to address these challenges and provide a forum to discuss and share ideas with other managers in a similar position.

Upcoming webinars include:

  • Developing coaching skills for meaningful conversations – for any manager looking to adopt a less directive leadership style and wanting to empower staff through a coaching approach
  • Leading through engagement – for any manager responsible for supporting staff and building effective teams
  • Focus on resilience – for any manager who wants to learn how they can maintain their team’s resilience during challenging times at work.

For more information please see the staff portal.

Covid vaccines for 12-15 year olds

Some staff have asked for further information and advice regarding Covid vaccinations now being offered to 12-15 year olds. As with adults, the vaccine will require informed consent. Although parental consent will be sought, children who can prove that they understand the risks and benefits can ask for, or refuse, the vaccine if they disagree with their parents (in line with other medicines).

We would encourage staff to review the information provided on the Government website, which outlines the evidence base and the advice from the chief medical officers, and discuss this with your children to help make an informed decision.

The vaccination will be delivered through a schools-based vaccination programme, which NHS England is coordinating directly with school immunisation providers.


Reminder: 2021 Allied Health Professionals Day awards – nominations close Monday 27 September

Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Day is Thursday 14 October. It’s a national opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the roles of the 14 allied health professions and demonstrate their significant impact on patient care.

Last year we developed the AHP Appreciation Awards, where we celebrated the achievements of our CUH AHPs. These were really well received and we are planning to continue the awards on an annual basis. The award categories are slightly different this year, having been adapted following feedback from staff.

These awards aim to celebrate our AHPs at CUH and their vital impact and contribution they make in improving the health and wellbeing of the population we serve.

Who are the awards for?
AHPs are the third largest workforce in the NHS. They include art therapists, drama therapists, music therapists, chiropodists and podiatrists, dietitians, occupational therapists, operating department practitioners (ODPs), orthoptists, osteopaths, paramedics, physiotherapists, prosthetists and orthotists, radiographers, and speech and language therapists.

We are delighted that Barr Ellison Law, a law firm based in the concourse, is sponsoring our AHP Awards this year, and we thank them for their generous support.

Nominations are open until Monday 27 September. Please complete the nomination form on the staff portal.