Today’s 08:27 was led by Roland Sinker.

Operational update – Ewen Cameron

  • We continue to see increased pressure in our emergency department (ED). This is not unique to us; it is a national issue
  • Really important that we do anything we can to discharge patients earlier in the day, eg planning the day before, identifying patients who may be able to go home, transferring patients earlier to the discharge lounge.


Covid update – Ewen Cameron

  • Starting to see an increase in cases in the hospital, predominantly younger people who haven’t been vaccinated. However, also now seeing some older, vaccinated patients
  • Cases in CUH risen to 25 this morning
  • Vaccination clearly making a difference as, with the same community Covid rate in January, we were seeing 100 patients
  • We know this has been an incredibly tough year for everyone, but we are asking staff to continue to be cautious outside of work as well please
  • There are some positive signs that things might start to ease in a couple of weeks
  • Significant pressures also on ambulance service, primary care, mental health and social care etc.


Staffing update – Ewen Cameron

  • Staffing is very tight due to a combination of vacancies, short-term sickness and a lot of the pressures of Covid with staff self-isolating
  • We know everyone is exceptionally tired, but if you can do extra shifts, it would really help; we understand this is a really tough ask
  • Really big thank you to everyone within CUH who is working really hard to cope with the pressures we are facing
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel, with increased capacity planned and a significant recruitment campaign currently
  • Optimistic for next 12-24 months, but with an initial difficult period. It’s important we don’t give up.


Sepsis awareness – Amanda Cox

  • Sepsis action group formed before the pandemic, to promote the safe management of patients with sepsis
  • Delivering the sepsis 6 within one hour is one of the most effective life-saving treatments in medicine
  • Clear message around two-way communication between nurses and senior staff
  • Think about sepsis for any deteriorating patient; if applicable add sepsis to the problem list
  • Sepsis order set on Epic acts as a mental prompt
  • More information available on Connect


Leadership visits – Roland Sinker

  • Quite a number written in to say you would welcome a visit or virtual visit – keep invitations coming
  • Huge thank you and well done to everyone in the organization.