We All Made A Difference Sculpture

This fantastic sculpture was created by ITU nurse Liz Corteen to reflect on her experience working through the last peak of the pandemic. Her words below give insight into her motivations and the process of making the piece. The sculpture is on temporary display in the foyer of the chapel off the main concourse at CUH.

Thank you, Liz, for sharing your artwork with us.



Art is not only my passion, but my therapy.

In creating this art piece it not only gave me an outlet for the intense workload we were faced with and the isolation between shifts, but a way to cope with the complex emotions I experienced nursing so many seriously critically ill patients.

The design for this piece was inspired by images on social media representing front line workers. However I wanted to go further in the concept to create a piece that enabled each viewer to see their own story and experiences. Although there are many shared thoughts, feelings and experiences, there are also individual ones. I have created layers of meaning within the sculpture, so that it creates a combination seen through an individual’s eye.

I wanted to include the experience of all front line staff, not just those who gave clinical care. Without our team working together, we would not have been able to win this fight!

The idea to use visors came from the observation that there was a huge increase in landfill from PPE and a desire to recycle where possible.  After the first wave, we were still using full PPE, so these visors were not exposed to Covid and could safely be recycled.

The armature was kindly made by my partner (Kevin Fitgerald) who spent many hours bringing my design to life, ensuring its longevity and supporting me through the creative curve that resulted in this piece.

I hope this piece goes some way to give both pride in what we achieved as a team and also the knowledge that your contribution was vital.

Thank you

Liz Corteen