Welcome to our Online Staff Photography Gallery!

CUH Arts invited our staff and volunteers to contribute to our Spring photography exhibition: Special Places and Moments. We received a wonderful range of subjects, and the stories behind the photographs reflect what makes each one truly special. The full exhibition was displayed in our Addenbrooke’s Art Gallery with this page as a more permanent online exhibition space.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all who shared their photography and stories with us!


‘Arms Joined’. Amanda Shaw, PALS Case Advisor. “Me and my husband – he is my rock and always holding me even when we are not together, during the stresses of the pandemic.”


‘Felixstowe Beach’. Beatriz Miranda, Healthcare Assistant. “Enjoying a beach day in Felixstowe with the family.”


‘Painting Class.’ Elle Page, Bank Healthcare Support Worker. “In January 2021 I celebrated my 30th Birthday, in lockdown with my family. My partner surprised me with an ‘80’s paint along with Bob Ross.’ It was so much fun and I don’t think we did too bad! It was so special and something we probably wouldn’t have done if circumstances were different. It has now become a treasured memory during these unprecedented times.”


‘Wasp on Flower’. Charles Greensitt, Mechanical Engineering Technician. “As a member of staff with a rare genetic disorder, at the start of lock down I was classified as High Risk, with the only chance to get out to the fields behind the house. Over time the clinic I am associated with allowed me on day trips out, but everywhere I went from my after work walks to remote locations the camera came with me. Observation of the world changes when you look more at what is around you and not at a screen.”


‘Satellite Dish at Haslingfield’. David King, D6 Healthcare Support Worker.


‘Italy’. Dail Maudsley-Noble, Communications Manager. “San Gimignano in Italy is my happy place. I have more special memories there than I can count and I love everything about it; the landscape, the culture, the architecture, the people, the ambiance, the food and wine. It brings me so much joy and is the one place I can truly relax as it feels like home. I’m counting down the days until we can travel again.


‘My Happy Place’. Diane Michelson, Bank Administrator, Occupational Health and Wellbeing. “Trips to the beach always bring me such joy and peace. Last year especially, trips to the seaside (when we were allowed) did wonders for my mental health, after being inside for most of the year.”


‘Ablaze’. Ewen Cameron, Director of Improvement and Transformation. “Was an amazing walk with the sunrise getting better and better over half an hour. It’s on Devil’s Dyke on the border of Cambs and Suffolk.”


‘Ice Sculpture’. Fiona Smith, Clinical Nurse Specialist. “We made ice sculptures using leaves, berries & sticks we found on a cold walk. My daughter & I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in ice.”


‘Sunflower’. Frank Allan, Volunteer. “This sunflower was taken in the Cambridge Botanical Gardens. It is a special place for me and my wife. We go often and every day there is something different to see.”


‘Fun in the Fountain’. Gerry Metcalfe, Volunteer. “Taken in Liverpool on a cool, cloudy day, the joy this little girl shows just lifts the spirits.”


‘Garden in Lockdown’. Liz Grimwade, Associate Operations Manager, Pathology. “A perfect snapshot of our lockdown summer: glorious sunshine, son just out of the paddling pool and the dog enjoying the last of his ice-cream. Trampoline and football net in the background show what a godsend it was to have a garden during lockdown!”


‘Saxophonist’. Malachi Needham, NCCU Charge Nurse. “This photo is me during a gig (pre-covid) getting the crowd excited and dancing. I look forward to making music again with my friends and sharing my music. Throughout this whole pandemic, music has been my getaway.”


‘Evening by river Cam’. Maria Del Mar, Staff Nurse. “Peaceful sunset in Cambridge.”


‘Chicken’. Kayla Lavender, Diabetes Specialist Nurse. “One of our pet chickens, Nugget. A new addition to the family during the covid-19 pandemic who has bought joy and lots of eggs!”


‘New Beginnings’. Helen Swain, CNS Paediatric Orthopaedics.


‘Highland Coos’. Jacqueline Pratt, PA to Head of Estates. “Chilling with the Coos in Grafham Water.”


‘Cygnets’. Helen Hysted, CNS Paediatric Diabetes. “I snapped this whilst walking by the river Latk close to where I live soaking up the sunshine, blue sky, and beautiful cygnets.”


‘Philippines Sunset’. Jacqueline Cortado, Staff Nurse, DME. “My bestfriend and I decided to go to a Marine sanctuary in Bacolod called Danjugan Island to get away from city life and have a break from work. We went snorkeling, island hopping and kayaking. The best thing about that trip was that we learned that each of us should do our part in biodiversity protection and conservation.”


‘Hemingford Grey Church’. Gerry Metcalfe, Volunteer. “This was taken from Ladybird, a 23 tonne wheelchair accessible wide narrowboat on which Gerry volunteers as a crew member. Apparently about 300 years ago the rest of the spire blew off and can now be spotted on the river bed.”


‘Lake District view’. Louise Pickles, Volunteer. “This photograph is taken at one of our favourite walks in Langdale in the Lakedistrict. We go to the Lake District every year to walk and this is one of our favourite places. We were in the Lake District in October in between lockdowns! We loved it and appreciated the scenery and colours even more than usual. The second photograph was also taken at Langdale at a pub we always stop at for a quick rest and a drink before continuing our walk.”


‘River Walk’. Lou Roberts, NCCU Senior Sister. “This is my favourite place. We walk the dog alongside the river, it makes the family happy and helps me to de-stress.”


‘Blue Flowers’. Zoe Leeson, Housekeeper, N3. “I have found that nature has really helped me and my family during the pandemic, there’s nothing like the magic of nature to make you see things in perspective. The fresh air, bird song, the vision of a new flower unfurling its petals – truly calming.”


‘Ice’. Oriel O’Loughlin, Volunteer. “Braving the cold in lockdown, February. Taken just outside Bartlow, Cambridgeshire.”


‘Family on Beach.’ Sue Pollard, Patient Flow Administrator. “Looking forward to being able to have fun days out with family again.”


‘Reflections’. Nihal Hassan, Senior Pharmacy Technician. “Clare Castle is a favourite place of mine. My parents used to take me there as a child, and now I get to share the same experience and make memories with my own children.”


‘Bee on Flower’. Michelle Ingle, Assistant Practitioner for Infection Control. “This was taken in May in my garden, on flowers I had recently bought. It was a warm day and we were all enjoying the sunshine including this little fellow.”


‘Meadow at Ely’. Rachel Austin, HCA, NCCU. “This photo was taken last May while on a solitary walk on Cherry Hill in Ely. I will never get tired of this view.”


‘Nature Reserve’. Susan Bell, Senior Sister, Hinchingbrooke Dialysis. “This is in the nature reserve in my town of Cambourne down by the lake. So peaceful and relaxing.”


‘Sunset’. Liz Gipps, HCA Medical Outpatients. “Watching the sun go down on a peaceful Summer’s evening. The best way to de-stress (but obviously not during lockdown!). This was taken at Snettisham late summer last year.”