Together – CUH reflects

Last year on 23 March, the country went into its first lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This year on the same day we will gather as CUH staff and reflect on what the past year has meant for us, our colleagues, patients, families, friends and the wider community.

One heart, one CUH family

As a way of acknowledging the bereavement, loss and trauma as well as the strong sense of purpose and collective pride that the last 12 months has brought us, we will be creating a heart shape made up of personalised pebbles decorated by members of staff.

Lay down your own personalised pebble

We are inviting staff to bring a personalised small pebble to lay in a heart shape that we will build together on the floor of the chapel just off the main concourse.

Building our heart will begin Wednesday 17 March, so please start personalising your pebbles now with rainbows, names or other symbols and words that mean something to you.

You can bring your pebbles to the chapel and lay them in the heart yourself or if you prefer you can deposit them at the staff sanctuary in the Hexagon Room at the Frank Lee Centre and we will place them in the display for you.

If you are working from home, you can still join in by personalising your own heart using the template below. Simply decorate it, take a photograph or scan of it and email it to by 23rd March.


CUH One Heart Template


Sanctuary pebble painting with CUH Arts

If you need help finding a pebble and decorating it you can go to the Staff Sanctuary where supplies  will be available from 9am on Wednesday 17th until the end of  Tuesday 23rd March. After 23 March, elements of the heart will be used to create a permanent memorial that we will display somewhere in the hospital. Any pebbles not used in the memorial will be distributed elsewhere in the hospital grounds.