Join the fold!

In this time of Covid-19 we are all coming to terms with the disruption to our lives. It’s important we support our hospitals and those vulnerable through social isolation, but boredom and anxiety is such a challenge. Show your support, and care, and inspire your imagination with Origami, and feel together with others. The beautiful art of folding paper is a hobby that will bring you joy; from a humble piece of paper (any paper) the possibilities are endless. Origami encourages focus and persistence to overcome adversity. While folding everything else disappears. Join Lizzie and join the fold!

You’ll find her live remote ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ origami tutorials here:


More of Lizzie’s inspiring origami folds can be found on facebook –  ‘Join the fold’:

‘Join the Fold’ origami on facebook

Origami by Dr Lizzie Burns